The first course of steroids: what should be and what to choose?
The first course of steroids_farmaboom_com

Athletes use steroids to give strength and muscle to the body. These artificial components allow you to train longer. Novice athletes also start with this drug. What steroids and in what doses are recommended for beginners? Novice athletes ask questions – how professionals managed to achieve this form. The point here is not at all

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6 Best Safe Steroids for Muscle Gain
Best Safe Steroids for Muscle Gain

Despite the lack of absolute security and confidence in steroids to gain muscle mass, there are a number of proven drugs that inspire confidence and, while respecting the dosage, do not harm health. Go through the list of “steroids without side effects” and find out their characteristics. 1) Oxandrolone (oral) The most powerful safe steroid

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Top 5 steroids for height, weight and relief from the top 5 brands
Top 5 best anabolic steroids for height, weight and relief from the top 5 brands

Anabolic steroids are chemicals that accelerate protein synthesis within the cells of the body and lead to increased muscle growth. In bodybuilding and sports, steroids are used as a dope that increases muscle mass, accelerates recovery and increases endurance. According to their pharmacological action, steroids are similar to testosterone, but they are more powerful. Simply

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LEARN Your BMI – Calculator

The body mass index has moved from medical terms into the daily lives of people who are seeking to lose weight. This parameter was created for the initial diagnosis of the patient’s condition, namely the degree of obesity and the risk of concomitant diseases. A bit of history Over the years, starting from the 19th

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Merry Christmas friends – Good mood for the whole 2019!

All our customers wish you a great holiday and Merry Christmas! In the new 2019 you are waiting for new interesting offers from FARMABOOM.COM. We monitor the quality of our products and connect only proven brands. Follow our news and watch a funny video from our friend DJ Muscleboy 🙂 OUR BRANDS

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Post-course therapy in bodybuilding

Post-course therapy is a complex of drugs and sports supplements that are used in bodybuilding and strength sports in order to minimize side effects and complications after a cycle of steroid hormones or prohormones. Post-course therapy is especially important when large doses of hormones are used or two or more anabolic drugs are taken at

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The functional role of peptides in bodybuilding

In order for an athlete to gain strength, volume and relief, it is not enough just training and proper nutrition. Sports nutrition with pharmacological preparations that support the body of an athlete on a hormonal level must be included in competent training. The optimal and harmless analogue of common hormonal agents in bodybuilding are peptides.

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Winstrol: course and reviews

Winstrol (stanozolol) is a popular trademark for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. It is more conducive to building muscles, and produces an androgenic effect. Perhaps due to the anabolic properties of this drug is not as powerful in comparison with more powerful substances. But this is one of the most reliable means to build muscle. Winstrol

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How to take clenbuterol for weight loss

Greetings to all, today our guest will be Clenbuterol. It is a drug used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Since this tool simultaneously burns fat, it has become widely used in fitness and bodybuilding for drying and losing weight. Activating the sympathetic nervous system, clenbuterol triggers the mechanism of fat splitting. Clenbuterol Administration Rules

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Planned bodybuilding drying

Bodybuilding is perceived by many as synonymous with “gaining muscle mass“. But few of the uninitiated know that the muscle mass, even impressive, doesn’t show itself visually, at least until it is completely refined. Agreeing that bodybuilding is original in that it is more similar to the art of creating illusions, every self-respecting serious iron

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Building training cycles in bodybuilding is the right thing

All serious athletes must learn to train so as to constantly progress for many years. But even in professional bodybuilding there are athletes who have not learned how to train wisely. They can look quite impressive, they can even win very serious competitions, but they cannot stay in such a state for long. After a

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Hand Training – 10 Tips from Bodybuilding Professionals

Greetings to you, dear reader. We all heard such a famous phrase: “All ingenious is simple.” In bodybuilding this is also applicable. All famous champions became like this because they knew and, most importantly, they put into practice some simple subtleties. So we need to know these basic principles of success. In this article, we

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