Cutting cycle for men with the use of pharmacology

In this article, we will tell you how to dry qualitatively using pharmacology in order to remove fat and not lose meat, and to intervene minimally in the endocrine system of our body. This information is directed to people who have not tried anything at all, and to those who have conducted only the most basic courses on weight and managed to acquire a couple of extra pounds of subcutaneous ballast.

Cutting cycle for men with the use of pharmacology_farmaboom

We will not hide the fact that dialing (at the level of a simple amateur) is quite possible against your own hormonal background. It’s clear that with such an approach you cannot grow to the size of Mr. Olympia, but for many it is not necessary.

But to dry so as to be like an athlete, and not like a prisoner of Auschwitz – it is almost impossible for 90% of the average population. But again, a large number of ordinary jocks do not want to pour and throw in themselves all that is advised in various forums on bodybuilding. It is understandable – most chemists who abuse drugs are ordinary egoists. They are firmly convinced that since they accept everything in a row, then let the others do it. This is not entirely correct.

Let’s try to mold a strategy of reasonable minimalism. But before you start, we note the fact that drying and body shaping is, first of all, a diet and a combination of strength training with aerobic exercise. No pills and injections will NEVER make you slim handsome without proper nutrition and hard work in the gym.

So, our men’s drying for lovers will be built of four components.

The first component: steroids

First of all, we need the anti-catabolic basis of the course. That is, a substance that protects most of the priceless meat from ruthless cortisol. There is not much to accelerate here and we have only three assistants who minimally harm. Testosterone Propionate, Turinabol and Oxandrolone.

All three perfectly cover muscles from decay during a low-calorie diet. For me, testosterone is the best choice. He, in addition to the main purpose, will support the psyche and libido. It’s no secret that real drying significantly suppresses sexual desire in most athletes.

But there are people with hypersensitivity to estradiol and testosterone is not suitable for such comrades. Of course, there is a way to protect yourself from aromatization – these are aromatase inhibitors. But this is clearly not an option for cautious athletes. So there are oxandrolone (more expensive) and turinabol – a more budgetary option, but inferior to the first two in anti-catabolic abilities.

Dosage range:

  • Testosterone Propionate. 50-100 mg every other day at the same time.
  • Oxandrolone. 2 times a day for 20 mg in the morning and in the evening.
  • Turinabol. 2 times a day for 20 mg in the morning and in the evening.

The second component: steroids as an addition to the course base

Secondly, we need an addition to the basis of the course, which will be responsible for the quality of the carcass rid of fat. The so-called cosmetics. Here again, you will not accelerate. Stanozolol and drostanolone propionate. And the first and second, I must say, are able to cause certain troubles. But they are beyond competition.

Drostanolone is MUCH safer, and also does an excellent job. Plus as a bonus – it will increase stamina and speed up recovery. Agree that on a half-hunger, this is just right. That is what we recommend.

Unfortunately, you cannot completely protect yourself in this section. Of course, you can do without cosmetics, but at the exit from the drying, the effectiveness of your muscles will be an order of magnitude worse. Choose what matters to you. Now let’s go through the dosages:

  • Drostanolone. 100mg every other day. At the same time.
  • Stanozolol. 50 mg per day, regardless of the form of administration. If the tablets are then twice in the morning and evening, injections at the same time.

Third Component: Fat Burner

The third aspect is a relatively gentle fat burner of the type of ECA combination (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin). It will help to promote metabolism and maintain it at the desired level around the clock. It will also remove excess water from the body.

In any sports nutrition store, they will help you make the right choice. Great choice – Methyldren. But this is not a dogma – there are more than enough of them. Doses are indicated by the manufacturer. They cannot be exceeded. And no clenbuterols and sibutramines! These agents are FAR OUTSIDE the concept of security.

The fourth component: sports nutrition

What else? BCAA amino acids (preferably at least 40-50 grams per day), whey protein (no more than two doses of 30-40 grams) and a MANDATORY EXPENSIVE VITAMIN COMPLEX.

An injection of one or two ampoules of such a drug as Actovegin will be very useful. This is a beef blood hemoderivative – it will help significantly speed up recovery, especially after aerobic exercise. Set immediately after training. Intramuscularly.


1. Drying time, about 6-8 weeks. If this time is short, then you can not eat and follow a diet on a mass.

2. You can divide the whole process in half and in the first half take only anti-catabolic (the first component), and connect the rest in the second half. And you can take the entire gentleman’s set with an even background from the beginning to the end. This is up to you.
3. And, most importantly, if after drying you plan to abandon pharmacology for a long time (until the next beach season), we MANDATORYly carry out PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy).

Good luck in all your endeavors.