Oxandrolone tablets

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Oxandrolone can be called the most gentle way to gain weight among other anabolic steroids, because the drug has been originally created to treat women and children. The drug was used in post-burn therapy, treatment of HIV, anemia and many other diseases. Of course, in comparison with many steroids, Oxandrolone steroid is less effective, but there are situations where it is simply indispensable. According to Oxandrolone online feedbacks, it is great for women athletes, because when it is taken the likelihood of negative consequences is minimized.

The main of the positive characteristics, because of which many athletes decide to buy Oxandrolone, is its ability not to suppress the production of its own testosterone. That is, when leaving the course, you cannot resort to PCT. The drug does not aromatize, you cannot be afraid of increased levels of estrogen, which makes it possible not to use anti-estrogen agents. Men taking this steroid may not be afraid of the development of gynecomastia, and women do not show secondary male sexual characteristics.

Oxandrolone tablets are almost devoid of negative effects on the body, so it is called one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. The action of this steroid does not allow cortisol to destroy muscle mass, that is, its reception reduces the risk of tissue breakdown. During the course, the production of creatine phosphate is stimulated, which directly affects the growth of strength indicators.