Optimal steroids of Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph

Often on bodybuilding forums, people ask a question:
“I (for example) am an ectomorph and I need a full-fledged steroid course on the volume and increase of meat, but it is such a course that will give the maximum result and will not be a waste of time and money.”

Usually, these are chemical newcomers who want to get verified answers and understand that it makes no sense to experiment stupidly and poke a finger at the sky.

In this article, we will share proven ways to optimize steroid courses for each body group – Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph.

In general, there are three variants of general metabolism for people in theoretical (therapeutic) medical terminology. It:

Endomorph_farmaboom_2020 Endomorph

Prone to a quick set of fat, it is difficult to lose fat and water on drying.

Ectomorph_farmaboom_2020 Ectomorph

The representative of the hound breed, which does not gain anything sensibly at all, but loses in a matter of days, despite the appetite of the elephant and the ability to digest nails.

Mesomorph_farmaboom_2020 Mesomorph

Born as an athlete with pronounced muscle mass and fat. A person who can perform well in any sport.

Naturally, finding the same endomorph or athlete in its pure form is quite difficult in real life. 90% of people on the planet are mixed types of metabolism, with the predominance of one of the three available at all. Nutrition, training, daily routine – all this should be taken into account primarily for progress. Also, tests must be passed, because fat men often have high levels of estradiol, with low or very modest levels of testosterone. And sometimes prolactin is elevated. Or insulin resistance due to malnutrition before coming to the gym.

In people who are dry and skinny, the level of dough is also not always decent, and sometimes it is quite high, but it is also actively linked by globulin. The same is with estradiol, which in the required amount is MANDATORY for building meat.


Athletes (mesomorphs) are simpler, but sometimes they also have problems with hormones. In short – to pass elementary tests, learn to plow in the gym, eat the food that suits you and maintain the optimal rhythm of life – this is, first of all, as I said. And in pharmacy – focus on the type of metabolism that prevails in you, not forgetting the one that is inferior. Not just – yes. But probably.

Here we give three options for weight training, which, through trial and error, are actually the most preferable for the three types of metabolism. We’ll also tell you something about sports nutrition, which also helps. But do not blindly focus on the article – it is intended to help at the initial stage. And before the mass-gaining course, you must have a press on your stomach. Or hormonal play turns into masturbation.

And further. The optimal duration of the course on weight is 12 weeks. Short courses, as in most cases do not work as they should. Everyone, it seems, understands that you can’t put an uppercut in a month, learn to figure out how to jump in basketball or squeeze out 150 kilograms while lying down. So muscles need real time for real growth. 12 weeks, for starters, that’s it. No undercourses for 4-5 weeks, if you are adequate and your goal is dry meat on the bones.

Now we proceed to the promised three options for the three types of a strong half of humanity.

I Endomorph


1. First of all, we need some suitable testosterone ester. Like it or not, but the most convenient dough for those prone to a set of fat and water is testosterone propionate. 50 to 100 mg THROUGH a day.

2. If there are problems with the tolerance of injections – then testosterone enanthate is 250 mg per week. These are mono ethers, which are easiest to control and surprises from them are usually a minimum.

3. No Sustanons, Omnadrens and Cypionates. The first acquaintance is the most important. And do not exceed the indicated dosages. They are more than enough for a simple lover at a particular stage.

4. In addition to the dough – a purely anabolic component. There are only two options: Boldenone undecylenate / undecanoate (600 mg per week) or Methenolone enanthate, better known as Primobolan (400 – 600 mg per week). Both give an increase in dry meat, both are safe in terms of excess fluid retention under the skin and show excellent performance against the background of minimal doses of Testosterone.

5. We use the dough and injection speakers all 12 weeks. For the first 5 to 6 weeks, it makes sense to add Turinabol. It also does not aromatize a priori and does not cause water accumulation. In short – with this course, you definitely won’t look like a mutant’s cap, with swollen cheeks and forearm and back wet with sweat.

6. The main thing – at the initial stage no progestins such as Trenbolone and, ESPECIALLY, Nandrolone. Methandrostenolone is likely to be of little use to you.

7. On hand to hold MINIMUM one plate of Anastrozole and, if necessary, only to knock down, reproducing beyond measure, Estradiol.

8. We recommend BCAA from sports nutrition (to the maximum, but not more than 80 grams per day). Foods containing slow carbohydrates with a minimum amount of fast ones (like Vitargo – advanced gainers). And high quality whey protein in the morning and immediately after training.

II Ectomorph


1. In this case, testosterone enanthate is ideal. 500 mg per week will be just right.

2. Naturally, Anastrozole is also required to be at hand.

3. But from the anabolic agents, as for me, ectomorphs are best shot by Nandrolone. Just do not take a long decanoate. Phenylpropionate is the perfect solution. 100 mg every third day.

4. Androgen and AS – for all 12 weeks of the course.

5. But, Nandrolone, this is pure progestin, and therefore, it is necessary to control prolactin and progesterone in the body. And also – to have on hand some of the prolactin inhibitors. The same bromocriptine or cabergoline.

6. Unfortunately – Boldenone or Primabolan do little to help people with accelerated metabolic processes. This is not just writing. Really noticed in practice. Although, you can still replace Nandrolone – Boldenone undecanoate. Not less than 600 and not more than 800 mg per week. Prima is definitely not your drug.

7. Well, just right there will be 30 – 40 mg of methandrostenolone for the first 4 – 5 weeks of the course.

8. Of the sports supplements, it’s classic weight gainers with a lot of fast-acting carbohydrates and (possibly) with the presence of fats. Immediately after the training – this is mandatory and one more time per day. Choose when it’s more convenient for you. But not before bed – it’s stupid. And protein. Either serum several times a day (20-30 grams per serving), or at least casein before bedtime. Many. 50 – 60 grams after the final meal, before going to bed.

III Mesomorph


By far, the most distinct type of general metabolism for bodybuilding. These guys usually have maximum meat growth with minimal dosages of AAS. In the first stages of chemicalization – that’s for sure. Accordingly, I’ll actually write a course that will give the most pronounced anabolism in relation to precisely muscle tissue.

1. Testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week for 12 weeks. It is he and no one else.

2. To have anastrozole – this is self-evident.

3. But the speaker in this particular case is MANDATORY Trenbolone. And you have to endure injections if you want maximum results. Like Tren in its pure form, only QUALITY acetate ester works. 100 mg every other day. If already very tender, then Hexa from the Balkan once every three days on an ampoule. Same for 12 weeks.

4. Previously, we would still recommend Methane or Oxymetalon. But now we already see that it is better for athletes from God not to eat pills in life. Genetics allows. And the liver will thank in 35 – 40 years.

5. With prolactin or progesterone in this course, Mesomorphs usually have no problems, but – if anything – Cabergoline is half a tablet twice a week.

6. Sports nutrition – only BCAAs. And the more, the better.

General recommendations for sports nutrition.

Omega-3 and glutamine are for everyone and everyone. If you need a healthy heart and immunity. Glutamine – for those who really have money for it.

And do not forget to relax. A healthy sleep and a well-chosen steroid course will fulfill your dream.

Grow wide and without creases. Health to all!