5 steroids for fighters

This article is dedicated to those athletes who are engaged in mixed martial arts. The most popular today is the training of fighters by the UFC and MMA federations. Competitions are regularly held in these disciplines, which requires considerable physical training and endurance.In second place is boxing and oriental martial arts, like karate. These disciplines are also competitive, so athletes should always be on the alert. Taking into account the specifics of these disciplines, sports pharmacology is chosen very selectively and carefully.

For athletes, whose activities are directly related to the martial arts, set criteria regarding endurance, endurance, speed, techniques for performing techniques and strength. Training of fighters is carried out cyclically, so androgenic-anabolic steroids should be short-acting. There is a single exception to this plan, and it will be mentioned somewhat below.

The following androgenic and anabolic steroids are not recommended for use:

  • Nandrolon;
  • Oximemetolone;
  • Methandrostenolone;
  • Methylestosterone;
  • Trenbolon.

The last three drugs from the list are strictly prohibited if you do not want to lose the technical characteristics and disrupt the overall functionality of your body. “Nandrolone” is included in this list, despite the fact that the drug has recommended itself.

The fact is that most of the competition takes place includes an obligatory check of the athlete on the use of pharmacology as doping. “Nandrolone” is quickly identified and the fighter can be removed from the competition before they start. Therefore, the Nandrolone esters are good, but not in this case. For the most part, they are used by heavy athletes and bodybuilders.

What steroids can be taken by martial arts athletes?

“Oxandrolone”, “Oralturinabol

These steroid drugs can help improve the physical characteristics of the body and not affect the technical. The condition that must be complied with: the formation of an individual diet. If you do not stick to a diet, you can gain extra weight, which is extremely reflected in the technical characteristics. The metabolism of these drugs is extremely fast, which allows you to feel confident during the doping test.

“Drostanolone”, “Stanozolol”

They are used, often in athletic disciplines, because it is there that a rapid increase in speed and strength is necessary. Their reception is reflected in the acceleration of the recovery of the body after intensive training, in particular, Drostanolon raises the endurance of the organism as a whole several times. Muscle mass at the reception does not increase so much that it could be revealed. Therefore, for martial arts, these drugs are the best fit.

“Testosterone Propionate”

If you need instant exposure to the drug, as well as the minimum time for its removal from the body, testosterone propionate will be useful. For other purposes, testosterone cypionate or enanthate, which are long esters, is quite suitable. It is unequivocally and categorically forbidden to take “Omnadren” or “Sustanon”, but only if you are not on hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone propionate has multiple positive effects, in particular, it speeds up the regeneration processes after training, increases endurance and strength, and also can raise morale and mood, which is extremely important before competitions.


Practically indispensable drug that is used for martial arts. Everything else, “Fluoxymesterone” has the property to increase the aggressiveness of the athlete, which also falls in the sparring or ring. Significant disadvantages of it can be considered high pricing and toxicity to the hepatic parenchyma. To avoid possible health problems, it is necessary to adhere to the recommended courses and dosages of the reception.

“Methenolone enanthate”, “Boldenone”

These drugs are the exception to the rules mentioned above. Often an athlete needs weight gain and muscle gain. Data androgenic-anabolic steroids in a short time help to increase the amount and quality of muscle mass. Drugs must be combined with the intake of testosterone, because without it, the severity of effects is much less. The choice of one of these drugs should be done taking into account the individual characteristics and reactions of the body.

On the prevention of injury to the articular ligament and musculoskeletal system

Due to the fact that athletes do not have the ability to take the drugs “Nandrolone” and “Dexamethasone” for very obvious reasons, somatotropic hormone and insulin-like growth factor in minimal dosages can be used as additional drugs.

Individual selection of the dosage of the reception should not be compared with those that take bodybuilders and heavyweights. Representatives of martial arts need to do the minimum dosage, because it will bring the maximum effect, a minimum of side effects and the lack of probability of disqualification. Another recommendation that allowed many athletes to achieve heights and success: adding sports nutrition to their diets.

These supplements include various vitamin complexes, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, and whey protein. This complex has a significant effect on the body, improving overall well-being. Of course, not many are available such drugs. As a budgetary analogs, we can recommend fish oil and vitamins, which will also have a beneficial effect on the body.

In principle, this is all that can be advised to beginners or experienced fighters. Watch the dosage of the intake and the course, and everything will be in order.