! Due to the ever-changing rate of EUR to USD – prices in the headers of the tag pages – may differ slightly.

Delivery from 25-40 € – depending on the brand

!!! The number of different brands in one order increases the number of deliveries, due to the different location of the warehouses. Delivery price is formed when ordering online.

We accept payments BANK TRANSFER and BITCOIN



When choosing payment (Bank Transfer), immediately after placing an order – you will receive an automatically generated invoice for payment to your email.



You will receive the number of our Bitcoin wallet for payment automatically, after placing an online order


How to pay with BITCOIN cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin – is an anonymous payment solution that is used to transfer bitcoins (virtual currency) from one account to another. If you have chosen BITCOIN payment method, you need to have your Bitcoin wallet.

If you don’t have your BITCOIN wallet yet, take 2 steps:


1)  Create a Bitcoin wallet


2) Top up your Bitcoin wallet



like Perfect!

Now that you have a BITCOIN WALLET, you can pay online for the order:


Step 1  1. By clicking the “Place an order” button, you will receive our Bitcoin wallet number for payment.

Step 2  2. After receiving the payment, our manager will notify you that the payment has been accepted.

Step 2  3. Within 48 hours (except weekends), our manager will inform you of the tracker number to track the package.


We are glad to see you among our customers!