Letrozole tablets

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Letrozole is the most effective drug of aromatase inhibitor, reducing the level of estrogen (female hormone) in the blood, which has great efficacy. Moreover, the drug is not a steroid. It has quickly become popular in therapy, pharmacology, sports (bodybuilding and power lifting) and other industries. Letrozole has also become popular due to its wide application in various branches of medicine. The important thing is that the drug is effective, safe and reliable. Both men and women buy Letrozole.

The active ingredient of Letrozole tablets causes a good effect, blocking the production of aromatase enzymes. The drug is used by athletes and bodybuilders in post-course therapy (PCT), to maintain muscle mass after the course. The drug is clinically used to eliminate gynecomastia; it is also prescribed for the correction of low growth and in female oncology. The substance blocks estrogen receptors, thereby increasing the percentage of testosterone in the body.

Letrozole steroid allows you to effectively block peripheral estrogen, i.e. one that is produced in adipose tissue, not glands. Since the fat cells-adipocytes are responsible for the production of a large proportion of estrogen in the male body, the drug neutralizes its effects, stimulates muscle growth, and improves skin condition.

The course and dosage of the drug are selected individually, based on the data of the blood test and simultaneously taken drugs (in particular, steroid derivatives). The approximate dose is 1-2 mg per day with a course of 30 days.