10 commandments of City Fletcher

The famous bodybuilding trainer unusually deeply and many-sidedly formulated the principles of body development, and also outlined the fundamental laws of motivation for men.

1) Tell your muscles “Grow!”

It all starts with a clear goal! A man should be able to tell himself and follow his words. Most men will say to themselves “Grow and develop”, but the result will not be because there is no sincerity behind these words. To be motivated, you must first understand what you want in life. Only by clearly knowing your desires can you identify goals with faith. If you do not feel faith in the goal – it is better not to promise anything to yourself.

2) Ask yourself the question “What is impossible?”

Never listen to the restrictions set by someone else! Someone might say “Drop it! This is hopeless! Don’t even start doing it! You can not!”. Never! I repeat, never listen to these restrictions! Decide for yourself what restrictions you have! Only by trying to make your plan you can understand whether you are capable of it or not.

3) Pain

The pain is necessary. The pain is inevitable. We are born through pain. The pain is required. Pain is necessary for growth! Be ready for discomfort. Pain is a necessary evil. You have to get used to the pain, make friends with her and then defeat her. Therefore, when pain comes into your life in order to knock you off your feet – you can brush it off your shoulders, because you are used to it. You can sit down, talk with pain and become best friends.

4) Listen

Listen to your own body and mind. The best judge of what follows and what should not be done is your body and mind. Learn to hear them. The body will surely say that what movement or exercise is working, what you should do now. If you feel that any activity motivates you – continue it! This activity fills you and makes you stronger. Your body and mind are your personal teachers and trainers.

5) Create a picture

Provide a clear and clear picture of what you want to achieve. Focus on this image. Stick to the image, follow it. Do not let go of your mind picture. Do not let circumstances prevent you from seeing her.

6) Your body adapts

Our body is an incredible mechanism that adapts to any situation and to any load. Do not be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of their submissions. No matter what environment you get into, the body must adapt to it. Outsmart your body and mind. You have something new, something that will make you stronger. Create new difficult situations for yourself and your body will be forced to adapt to new circumstances.

7) Growth strongly depends on corners

All bodies are unique. Everyone has different types of muscles and body structure. Do not be afraid to experiment with the body. Find your style of training and life. Go beyond the rules and regulations. The ideal development angle can only be determined by you. How to find it – yes try everything! And what is best felt is what to do.

8) Overload

The first way to overload yourself is too much weight. Under heavy weight, we literally resist such a load. The second method of overload is a large number of repetitions, which wear you out. Order yourself to grow, make your body and mind listen to you!

9) Obsession

This is not just a beautiful word! Whatever you do, if you want to be the best in your business – you have to be obsessed with your business. It doesn’t matter if you mow lawns, wash windows or bake donuts. Obsession is inevitable. Everyone wants to be a champion. You dream about it, you sleep with this desire, you eat with this desire, you even breathe this desire. The obsession is so dense that you can touch it. Without obsession you will not see success. It’s impossible. Wild obsession is absolutely indispensable for greatness!

10) Satisfaction is the breath of death

Never in your life become satisfied! You cannot progress beyond your satisfaction. Satisfaction is the end of your growth. This is the end of your journey! You arrived! “I am satisfied. I no longer need to fight. I no longer need to strain. I finished. I achieved my goals. ”. In the furnace satisfaction!

Am I satisfied? Never in my life!
Has my path come to an end? NOT! Do not hope I will not leave!
Have a hell of satisfaction! To hell with her!
And remember! I order you to grow!

City Fletcher.