Brand: Beligas Pharmaceuticals

Shipping to USA – Delivery time: 3-5 days.
Shipping to Europe – Delivery time: 10-14 days. is a proud supplier of Beligas Pharmaceuticals products. Beligas Pharmaceuticals is a Belgium based biopharmaceutical company that has specialized in the development of pro-anabolic compounds, including: steroids, peptides, and growth hormones.

From orals like anadrol, winstrol, anavar, clenbuterol, proviron, and dianabol, to injectables like testosterone, sustanon, and trenbolone, to even their own post cycle therapy versions of clomid, nolvadex, and aromasin. If you need it — they’ve got you covered! They also have all major four forms of injectable testosterone; acetatecypionateenanthate, and propionate.

Serving high-demand markets like the US, Europe, and more, Beligas Pharmaceuticals has cemented themselves as a key player in the development of anabolic steroids and their powders, growth hormones, SARM powders, and peptides. Transparency is important to us, so we want you to know why we’ve chosen to choose their products over many others.

Beligas Pharmaceuticals has a reputation for product integrity, largely due to the fact that they control their whole process from A to Z. Their anabolic steroid production process begins in GMO certified factories in Shanghai, China, where their head engineer and a team of fifty chemical engineer scientists produce and synthesize their own raw materials and steroid powders. Finally, the raw materials are shipped securely to their GMO certified conversion laboratory in Belgium, where they convert the steroid powders into their finished products (though they also sell raw powder forms of their steroids as well).

Their human growth hormone and Peptide products follow a similar path, with the exception that they begin in South Korea and Taiwan — and are consistently tested at an average 99.99% purity rating.

Beligas Pharmaceuticals also makes their own product authenticity validator available to the public, so if you ever have any concerns about your product, you can check it’s integrity at:

Beligas Pharmaceuticals also consistently ranks as one of the highest rated and most commonly talked about gear manufacturers on the market, with excellent marks on any pro-anabolic substance forum or subreddit on the internet.
Last but not least, the final reason we are big fans of Beligas Pharmaceuticals is that they are not just some overnight lab that only creates products using the cheapest materials possible.

They are an active Biopharmaceutical laboratory with an active Research and Development department that focuses on developing more efficient peptides, growth hormones, and muscle promoting substance that are in various phases of clinical trials.

It goes without saying that we are major fans of this company, and here at we choose our partners and suppliers very carefully. For all of the above reasons and more, we are a proud supplier of Beligas Pharmaceuticals performance enhancing steroids, growth hormones, and peptides — and we stand behind their quality and effectiveness, this is why you can find their full suite of anabolic enhancing products on our ecommerce store.