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Substance: Clenbuterol
Pack: 50 tabs (40mcg/tab)

Clenbuterol is a potent fat-burning compound with significant muscle preserving and building effects.

Clenbuterol is the trade name and the active substance in the product
manufactured by Beligas Pharmaceuticals. This is a very potent fat burning product that is having good muscle preserving and building effects as well. This product is extremely well known in the world of bodybuilders (might be known by its short name – clen) because is an extremely helpful product.

Clenbuterol is stimulating beta 2 receptors as a beta 2 agonist and this is one of the reasons why Clen is believed to be the “brother” of Ephedrine. This is the reason why clenbuterol is allowing you to burn stored fat calories (the body fat) as energy before your body is going to reach some other sources to use it as energy (like muscles). That’s why the product is amazing in burning fat and preserving muscles.

This product is currently banned in the US FDA but is still approved in some certain EU countries as an asthma medication. Nonetheless, bodybuilders and athletes still use it all over the world for its amazing performance and physique enhancing properties. You might find information suggesting that Clenbuterol is a “steroid” but that’s in no shape or form a steroid. Nowadays is used worldwide for livestock farming. Clen is fed to animals in order to crease fat free lean mass.

Clenbuterol Effectiveness

As it was said – clenbuterol is often used as a compound given to animals to increase lean muscle mass and get less fat. In European countries, people are taking Clenbuterol for asthma reasons but most often and especially in our industry, Clenbuterol is an amazing product that is mainly used as a fat loss agent.

Clenbuterol isn’t used when you try to build muscles, but it is a miracle drug when used in cutting cycles. Users of Clenbuterol are getting amazing results in lean muscle mass and fat loss. The product is able to increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) therefore, you are getting an effect of an anabolic and anti catabolic.

Clenbuterol is going to rise your body temperature gradually and therefore your body is going to start to get rid of fat. Taking in consideration that you have an elevated body temperature, alongside with anti catabolic, anabolic effect and with increased metabolism offered by Clenbuterol – you lose weight much faster and effective.

Clenbuterol Half Life

Clenbuterol is having a half life of approximately 48 hours or so. This means that after you are going to use the product at least once, you would have this compound in your body for approximately 2 days. This is the main reason why it is not recommended to use too much of a dose for the first 3-4 days because you might get overdose.

Also, since it has a half life of 48 hours, there’s no need to use it multiple times a day.

How To Use | How To Take Clenbuterol? | Clenbuterol Cycle / Dosage

While Clenbuterol can be extremely helpful – it also can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to use it properly. This is the main reason why Clenbuterol users need to start it slowly, and that’s especially true if you’re a newbie with the product. The starting point for most people is going to be 20 mg a day (half of a tablet) and only after that, you can gradually increase it. Stop at the point when you feel it effective but never go over 200 mg a day otherwise you would most likely overdose.

Generally, the normal dosage for men is anywhere between 60 to 100 mg a day while for women is anywhere between 10 to 60 mg a day.

There’s an idea that the best way to cycle Clen is to use it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. If you want to use it more than 2 weeks then you would need to add some anti histamines like Benadryl or Ketotifen. It is recommended to add some supplements to your cycle such as N2Guard, Taurine, Electrolytes, Potassium or whatever other you can get.

A full cycle with Clenbuterol is going to be 10 weeks. Don’t take it for longer time. First week use 20 mg a day, second week 40 mg a day. 2 weeks off. Fifth week 40 mg a day; 6th week 60 mg a day, another 2 weeks off. 9th week 60 mg and 10th week 80 mg a day.

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Some of the best known side effects of Clenbuterol include: nervousness, tachycardia; high blood pressure; irritability; insomnia (sleepless nights); thyrotoxicosis; subaortic stenosis; heart issues; anxiety; dizziness; heart palpitation; abnormal sweating; over heating and others.

If you are going to take too much doses (some people can’t resist ever 120 mg) you might receive gastric problems, headaches, tremors (hand shakes), nausea and vomiting. Try to start slowly with the product and do not get over a dosage that you cannot tolerate.

It is important to understand that the higher the dosage you would get – the more side effects and more intense side effects you would get. In addition to that, personal tolerance to such drugs are also playing an important role here. But plus to everything, it very much depends what you are taking with Clen – if you are administering helpful supplements it might help. If you’re administering some steroids (for enhancing effectiveness) or other products it can make the side effects worse.

In the end, the side effects can be extremely dangerous for some people, but others might not get any side effects at all from using Clenbuterol.

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Make sure you have knowledge on administering Clenbuterol and you won’t ever regret buying this product!