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MyoGen is led by a team of global specialists with many years of knowledge in the sports pharmacy market. Specialists have extensive production expertise and have strongly managed other world-class brands. They have a distinct concept and specific development of goals for MyoGen and are confident that they will become a market leader.


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For a long time, people thought that anabolic steroids are primarily for male bodybuilders and athletes. Statistics and facts in the society of sports prove the opposite. Today, the steroid industry has made significant progress and is able to serve you while minimizing unwanted effects thanks to MyoGen. FARMABOOM.COM is an accredited agent of the brand, so our customers can be sure of the products quality.


Who is the real consumer of MyoGen anabolic steroids today?

• Bodybuilders and trained athletes

The application of anabolic steroids by athletes is well known. Back in 2011, studies showed that “65% of athletes are on steroids.” To this assessment the results of the famous review by researchers from the universities of Tubingen (Germany) and Harvard (USA) are added. Researchers quantified at 45% and 30% (at least) the corresponding percentages of athletes who participated in the competition and stated that they used substances and methods prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

• Ordinary people: teens and adults

First of all, young people who participate in sporting events are increasingly using these supplements to improve their performance. On the other hand, there are those who use these drugs to treat obesity or simply lose weight and keep fit on a regular basis.

As soon as MyoGen entered the pharmaceutical market, it immediately found its customer at FARMABOOM.COM. Value for money has attracted the attention of many. A lot of Myogen review steroids have been written, most of them are positive. And they try to reduce all the shortcomings of the company in a timely manner. For this, the creators of the corporation regularly check reviews of their products. Also, the company is constantly improving the production methods of its medicines.

Not all anabolics are created equal. There are drugs that stimulate muscle growth, there are steroids that increase strength, and there are also those that have multiple positive effects. Safe should be bought first, as health care should remain your top priority. MyoGen has already been tested more than once!

Myogen Reviews 2020
When I was in Brazil, I saw many people who openly praised MyoGen drugs with all categories of age and gender. At FARMABOOM.COM it’s simple to buy the drugs.


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