6 Best Safe Steroids for Muscle Gain

Despite the lack of absolute safety and confidence in steroids for increasing muscle mass, there are a number of proven drugs that inspire confidence and, observing the dosage, do not harm health.

Browse the list of “steroids without side effects” and find out their characteristics.

6 самых лучших безопасных стероидов для увеличения мышцы

1) Oxandrolone (oral)

The most powerful safe steroid in all respects. He has long taken the position of the drug, which gives maximum progress with minimal side effect. In this case, the muscle mass of the athlete increases, without disturbing the structure of the muscles.

The positive features of Oxandrolone are as follows:

  • Perfectly burns subcutaneous fat;
  • Does not extend its burning action to the joints;
  • Has no effect on the liver, while respecting the dosage;
  • Well removed from the body of an athlete.

Oxandrolone is a synthetic analogue of male testosterone. It has a very low androgenic index, that is, the propensity to side effects is almost zero. But it should be remembered that very high doses and the use of the drug on an ongoing basis can still cause a number of negative consequences for the athlete’s body.

2) Stanozolol (Injection)

This steroid comes to the rescue when the athlete needs to improve the visual image of his body. Muscle relief – this is the main task of the drug. It does not increase lean body mass, but at the same time struggles for aesthetics.

The main positive characteristics of the tool:

  • Helps to increase the overall endurance of the body;
  • Works on the strength of the body;
  • Makes the muscles dry;
  • Acts as an active fat cell burner.

Despite the positive image of the drug, taking Stanozolol has pitfalls. Together with the drying of the muscles, the joints and ligaments are dried. With long-term consumption of steroids of this type – injuries can not be avoided. Side effects, such as acne, occur after taking large doses.

3) Turinabol (oral)

This drug, although considered safe, nevertheless, in excess of the normal amount, has a negative effect on the liver. Its main goal is an active set of muscle mass.

Unlike other anabolic steroids, Turinabol adheres to persistence: after stopping the drug, there is no loss of muscle mass in the body for up to 1 month. This feature is respected by athletes.

4) Trenbolone (Injection)

Steroid is designed to increase the power characteristics of the body. Used for the cultivation of muscle mass. When not complying with the dosage, the drug contributes to increased pressure in athletes. May cause attacks of aggression and disturbed sleep. Do not worry, such consequences are possible only when taking decent doses of Trenbolone.

5) Boldenon (Injection)

Like most steroids is used to gain muscle mass. With this task, the drug copes quickly enough, besides, it does not retain excess fluid in the body.

Promotes the following processes:

  • Increases the level of red blood cells in the blood, stimulates the formation of new ones;
  • Joins the work of protein synthesis;
  • Improves the athlete’s appetite.

We can say the following about adverse effects: negative consequences are extremely rare, and in conditions of non-compliance with the rules of administration, alopecia may appear.

6) Primobolan (Injection)

The most commonly used versions of the drug are tablets, and injections are given to an amateur. He behaves cautiously with the liver, which means that with the right dosage there will be no harm. Included in the general course while drawing muscle relief.

Three of the leaders in the ranking of “the safest steroids”:

  •  Oxandrolone
  • Stanozolol (Winstrol)
  • Shouting Turinabol

They gently affect the athlete’s body, but at the same time they persistently carry out their basic functions.

And so we found out that more or less harmless anabolics exist. But at the same time the dose of drugs and the duration of the course of steroids, even the safest need to be observed.

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