Testosterone Propionate: Dosages and Courses

Anabolics are an integral part of any bodybuilder. This is the first couple I want to pump your body naturally. Over time, any athlete is at an impasse, the progress from training becomes invisible. It is during this period begins to wonder what kind of anabolic steroid to choose. The market of sports supplements offers a wide range, one of the most popular drugs is Testosterone Propionate.

For the development of strength and muscle mass

Athletes who have long been engaged in pumping their own bodies, most often choose testosterone propionate. It is ideal for the drying period and develops not only muscle mass, but also the strength of an athlete. The drug belongs to the testosterone esters and compared with no less well-known testosterone enanthate.

But, unlike him, propionate does not trap liquid in a large volume. If some attribute this factor to a positive point, then there are those who believe that because of this, it is difficult to gain extra kilos. But professionals are actively using the drug before important competitions.

Testosterone Propionate for beginners

Any newcomer will sooner or later decide to try an anabolic. Testosterone propionate is great for novice athletes. First, it begins to act almost immediately after the injection. Secondly, the price of propionate is low; this is important when the bodybuilder’s budget is limited. Of course, modern drugs are more effective. That’s just the problem is that their properties are not fully understood.

But testosterone propionate is known in ancient times and definitely does not act in a toxic way on the liver. Anabolic is also displayed quickly, it is convenient when it comes to preparing for a competition. Professionals also resort to using this steroid, but not everyone is satisfied with a short-term result. But on the dope control there will be no problems with the controlling authorities. And, as you know, to leave the competition at the initial stage is very unpleasant.

Testosterone Propionate does not always attract the attention of beginners. Many people want to get tangible results using modern achievements in the synthesis of molecules. But the new does not always mean good. To make the right choice, you should learn about the effectiveness of this drug.

Testosterone Propionate: action and effectiveness

The drug became known in the thirties. It was during this period that physicians synthesized a testosterone molecule and obtained a highly effective anabolic for that time. Until the sixties, bodybuilders actively used the drug. Currently, he has not lost its relevance and proudly stands on the shelves with expensive modern means to gain muscle mass and increase strength.

Professionals have long understood that there is nothing better for drying and preparing for competitions. Sometimes it is difficult to get the drug, and modern advertising promotes innovative injections. Due to this, it is quite difficult to make the right choice.

Despite this, testosterone propionate is time tested and has several advantages over its counterparts:

  • The period of exposure is long. If you enter 50 mg Testosterone Propionate, then for two days the athlete will enjoy increased testosterone levels. A 250 ml charge hormones for 10 days.
  • The minimum amount of accumulated fluid. Due to this, the drying period also becomes minimal. Everyone knows that excess water creates the effect of bloating. While taking propionate, the quality of muscle tissue is several times better.
  • The increase in muscle volume is an important indicator that interests every pitching.
  • Accelerated burning of subcutaneous fat, due to which muscle reliefs become attractive and noticeable.
  • Increased strength endurance. The athlete feels a surge of strength and workouts are given more easily.
  • Lack of liver poisoning.

After a week course bodybuilders celebrate a surge of strength and increase stamina. At the same time, the mood improves, and energy is transformed into high-quality muscles.

Propionate dosages and anabolic use

The efficacy of testosterone propionate will be noticeable if dosages are followed. Otherwise, you can not feel the desired result or face an overdose.

Instructions “Testosterone Propionate”: at the initial stages, it is necessary to inject the drug intramuscularly every other day in the amount of 50 mg (this is 1 ampoule with a 5% solution or 0.5 ampoules with a 10% solution). This is about beginner athletes who are just starting to build anabolic courses. This will be enough to jump over your natural limit and improve your physical fitness. Experienced athletes give injections daily, they inject from 100 mg and more. It all depends on the goal of the athlete and individual physiology. Thus, the result does not keep you waiting long.

Course duration for beginners from 4 to 8 weeks. Experienced athletes administer propionate for up to 16 weeks. It all depends on the preparation phase: off season or precompetitive period.

Attention! Testosterone propionate is injected intramuscularly or under the skin with an insulin syringe. Practice shows that the first option is more acceptable for the rapid absorption of the active substance from the fat depot.

Very often, Testosterone Propionate alone is not enough, then athletes combine it with other drugs. The normal daily dosage for bodybuilders with experience is 100–250 mg.
You can not ignore the use of anti-estrogen drugs. This will avoid gynecomastia. Enter them on the third week after the course of the main anabolic. In order not to lose the muscle mass, it is necessary to use drugs that block cortisol after the cycle. The mistake of many newbies is that they start to ignore sports nutrition. To do this in any case it is impossible, only a competent diet will favorably affect the pumping of the body.

If the athlete is interested in drying, then you can safely combine anabolic with other drugs:

  • Winstrol oral (observed increase in high-quality muscle mass).
  • Stanozolol (Strength enhancer and hard bodyand Increase muscular endurance)
  • Masteron (It has strong muscle hardening)
  • Turinabol (suitable for security officials).
  • Methandienone (you should immediately foresee that there will be a lot of water. It is important to leave the course correctly, otherwise the loss of muscle mass will be noticeable).

These are not all substances that can be combined.


Below is a course for beginner bodybuilders on the use of this drug and its combination with others:

  • After one day, testosterone propionate (50 mg) is used.
  • Winstrol orally daily. The dosage begins with 10 mg, then it increases during the week to 30 mg.
  • The course lasts six weeks. After waiting three days, post-course therapy begins. It is necessary to preserve muscle mass, prevent hormonal disruption, and as a preventive measure against unwanted side effects.

In any course must be breaks. The minimum pause lasts at least two months. Ideally, it is necessary to pump the body with chemistry once a week. Combining testosterone propionate with methane is effective, but the blow to the body is not weak. And a lot of water is collected. In this case, methane is drunk three pills every day, and propionate injects 50 mg every other day.

This course lasts no more than 35 days. Ideally, professional bodybuilding trainers are advised to replace methane with turinabol. Then Testosterone Propionate injects 50 mg daily, and turinabol is used in an amount of 50? 80 mg every day too.

Ideally, an individual course is selected. All these data are identified from the characteristics of the reception of various athletes. You should always take into account the physical form, level of training and chronic diseases of the organs. You can not neglect a healthy diet. Combining steroids with alcohol and tobacco, this is the right way to another world. Overdoses depress the hormonal background and cause a painful blow to the liver.

Follow the instructions and listen to your body.