Explosive Course 2.0 – gaining muscle mass safely

Turinabol and testosterone propionate steroids course allows you to safely gain high quality muscle mass.

Effects of Turinabol and Testosterone Propionate

Both used anabolic steroids belong to the group of safe AAS. However, a course of steroids turinabol and testosterone propionate can bring excellent results. Note the main effects of this cycle:

  • The amount of adipose tissue decreases.
  • Thanks to the active utilization of fatty acids, the body’s energy store increases significantly.
  • Increased power characteristics of the builder.
  • Accelerates the main and cellular mechanism.
  • Anabolic background rises.
  • The body recovers faster after previously received injuries and training.

According to many athletes, the course of steroids turinabol and testosterone propionate is one of the most successful. It is often carried out not only by bodybuilders, but also by lifters with weightlifters.

Characteristics of the drugs used

The safety of any anabolic cycle depends largely on the drugs used.

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This steroid was created specifically for athletes. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of Turikov, because the athletes of the GDR national team owe their success in the international arena to this drug in many respects. Among the main properties of the drug, we note the ability to accelerate the processes of muscle hypertrophy, high fat-burning activity, as well as an increase in power parameters.

This is one of the safest steroids that athletes can use. At the same time, excellent results are observed in courses of turinabol, and the risks of side effects are minimal. For bodybuilders, it can be considered an excellent choice. Also note that Turik is often used by professionals. To increase the value of biological value, we recommend taking propionate on an empty stomach.

Testosterone Propionate

Any drug based on testosterone is extremely popular among athletes. This statement is fully applicable to propika. Due to the short half-life, it appears much less estrogenic activity compared with long esters. As a result, not only are the risks of side development minimized, but the fat burning properties are also enhanced.

Testosterone propionate can be considered universal AAS. Using this drug, you can perfectly dry out, increase strength and gain a lot of high quality. You can shift the focus in any of these areas thanks to one or another bundle. Perhaps the only drawback of a steroid is the need for frequent administration. On the other hand, injections should be given every second day, which is quite acceptable.

Anastrozole (Arimidex)

Surely you know that this auxiliary drug is used to control the process of flavoring. Since the course we are considering now includes only one drug with estrogenic activity – propionate dough, it may be enough to use Proviron. However, we decided to insure, because this cycle can be carried out by novice athletes, but not as the first one. Anastrozole is one of the most powerful drugs in its class and allows you to quickly reduce the concentration of estradiol.

Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex)

Another auxiliary drug with which athletes are perfectly familiar. This is another antiestrogen, but unlike anastrozole, it belongs to another class — selective modulators of estrogen receptors. Tamox is not able to stop the process of flavoring, and during the course is not as effective.

But the ability to suppress the activity of estrogen receptors and speed up the process of secretion of the male hormone, definitely come in handy during the period of rehabilitation therapy. Note that instead of tamoxifen, you can use clomid, which has a slightly higher cost. In terms of effectiveness, both drugs are about the same.

Rules for the course of turinabol and testosterone propionate

It’s time to talk about how to properly conduct a course of steroids turinabol and testosterone propionate. We recommend that you use the following drug regimen:

  • For six weeks, take turinabol every day for 30 milligrams.
  • Every second day for the entire course, enter 0.1 grams of testosterone propionate.
  • On the eighth day of the cycle, connect anastrozole and take the drug every other day in the amount of 500 micrograms.

Rehabilitation therapy begins in the eighth week from the start of the course. For the first 14 days, take 20 milligrams of tamoxifen. On the third week of PCT, the dosage of antiestrogen can be reduced to 10 milligrams. To speed up the process of restarting the pituitary arc, you can additionally take testosterone boosters. In conclusion, it should be recalled the importance of nutrition. Only a combination of a competent training process and a correctly formulated diet will bring you the desired result.

First of all, you will have to eat at least six times. An important point in the preparation of the diet is the ratio of nutrients. The proportion of protein compounds should account for 40 to 50 percent of the total energy value of the diet. Fats are used in the amount of not more than 20 percent.

The rest of the place in the diet should take carbohydrates. In addition, special attention will be paid to the choice of products. Give up on fast food and convenience foods. Carbohydrates should be consumed mostly complex, and simple ones are allowed only after completing the session to speed up the regeneration processes.