3 types of bodybuilding power you need to know and develop

If you limit yourself to one definition of the concept of power, then you limit your potential! People love to talk and brag about their power indicators, as if this is a clear indicator of overall strength. Most often they talk about one maximum repetition in the bench press, for example, or in the deadlift.

But the concept of power is much deeper, and it is wrong to estimate the strength of a particular person only by the result of one, albeit a heavy repetition. Yes, we are not talking about competitions, where this one repetition plays an important role, but about the general concept of strength. Have you ever wondered how strong you are?

If suddenly you consider yourself weak, then it is easy to fix – get acquainted with the three facets of power in order to master them and become stronger.

1 Main force

The main force sounds almost like a cliché, but it is important not only for athletes, but also for every person on Earth. After all, when it comes to performance, safety and quality of life, the main force is probably the most important kind of power you can have.

First of all, it binds together your upper and lower body parts. It is not uncommon to see athletes whose strength of the upper or lower body is very strong separately, but they are lost when they are required to coordinate the work of all the muscles.

Secondly, the main force is crucial to prevent injury. People have a natural tendency to position spinal extension or recline, especially in the lower back. Although this is not the main cause of injury, having weak bark muscles * that you will deal with pains in the knees, hips and lower back.

The muscles of the cortex are a complex of muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, thighs and spine.

Thirdly, strengthening the core muscles can take your performance to a new level. Many athletes consider this to be the basis for achieving results in the port. So, yes, it makes sense to strengthen the bark muscles.

But what does “strong core” mean? More than any other muscle group, the core muscles must be balanced. They must be able to withstand the excessive bending of the spine.

Now how to strengthen the bark muscles:

  • pushups;
  • deadlift;
  • front squats;
  • thrust to the belt in the slope;
  • one dumbbell bench press;

2 Maximum force

You cannot strive to be a world-class powerlifter, and this is normal. In fact, anyone can test how strong he is in a particular exercise. But here we must try it. It is a mistake to rely on calculations like “I did 5 reps with good technique with a bar of 100 kg, which means, according to the formula, the weight of the bar which I can squeeze 1 time will be equal to 125 kg”. It is not always so!

Training with the use of elements of maximum strength in individual exercises are important because they push the nervous system, and not just the muscles. When you exercise with heavy weights, your body is forced to become more efficient, sending a signal to increase muscle mass to complete the task you set for it.

In training for the development of maximum strength, the choice of exercises is crucial. Bending for biceps and extension for triceps will not help here.

You need to focus on hard basic exercises:

  • squats with a barbell on the back (front squats);
  • deadlift (normal, sumo);
  • presses;
  • pull-ups.

If you plan your workouts on the basis of multi-joint basic exercises throughout the year, for the sole purpose – it becomes stronger, then you will see huge changes not only in the development of your strength, but also in the increase of muscle mass.

3 Explosive power

What physical quality do we gradually lose with age? Of course, we will lose some muscle mass and strength, but the first quality that begins to deteriorate is the ability to move things quickly.

Although not all of us are competing athletes, when we grow old, we do not want to lose our ability to run fast, jump high, or move fast at all. Do not worry, explosive power can also be trained and maintained. To do this, you need to include in your training program such exercises as a weightlifting and jerk.

Weight on the bar does not need a lot – the whole point is in the speed of the movement. It is also useful to perform throws of honey bola and jumping on the box. After a few such workouts, you will find yourself feeling better. It’s like boxing with 1 kg of dumbbells, after which the hands seem light as a feather.


You do not have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of strength training. Find a place for several exercises to develop strength in your workout program throughout the year, and you will not only feel more athletic, but also enjoy each workout.