We build broad shoulders – 5 exercises

Every bodybuilder wants to have broad shoulders in his arsenal, which will be literally covered with powerful muscles.

And I must say that if your shoulder muscles train hard and work hard, you will have them. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula for lazy people who will give you Herculean shoulders for one night, but after just a few weeks of training with the program described in this chapter, your broad shoulders will noticeably increase in size and add density, and in a year have the shoulders of a real champion. And if you really want to know how to build shoulders, shoulder muscles, and most importantly how to build shoulders quickly!? Read this article!

Half of the success in modern bodybuilding is a good knowledge of the muscles. This makes it possible to understand the meaning of the exercises performed for wide shoulders and the importance of proper performance of the techniques. So the shoulders cover the deltoid muscles.

They are divided into three so-called heads front, side and back. The natural main function of the deltoid muscles is raising the arms above the shoulders, this helps the lateral head, the front helps to raise the arms up and forward, and the back, as you can easily guess back and up. At the same time, no head acts autonomously.

In order to fully develop the deltoid muscles, it is necessary to perform exercises for each of the three muscle heads. Actually, any exercise for shoulders with lifting weights above the head develops deltoid muscles. But for the full development of this muscle group requires a large amount of intense training. As a rule, various types of presses are recommended, especially dumbbell presses.

1. Dumbbell bench press

This exercise is among the best that effectively pump force into the deltoid muscles of the athlete. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level, sit up straight, inhale deeply and lift the dumbbells. After a short pause during the dumbbell press, lower the dumbbells to your shoulders. Try not to lean back and try to keep your arms upright when lifting dumbbells. Perform dumbbell bench press as follows: 8 sets of 8 repetitions.

2 Lifting the rod from behind the head

This exercise gives fairly quick results in strengthening the posterior head of the deltoid muscles. You can perform it both standing and sitting, but I recommend standing, at least in the first month of training, as it is very intense. Take the barbell press on the shoulders, holding a wide grip, squeeze it over your head, fully stretching his arms in the elbow joints. Return to the starting position. When doing bench press, remember to lift the bar as quickly as its weight allows. It is necessary to carry out on 4 approaches, on 8 repetitions.

3. Side lifts arms with dumbbells sitting

Perform this exercise on the muscles of the shoulder girdle should be sitting, and moreover only with very light dumbbells. Take a pair of dumbbells to start at 4 kg, sit down, arms down along your torso. If you want to pump up your broad shoulders, keep your torso straight, gently move your arms up and sideways, to shoulder level.

When lifting the dumbbells inhale, while returning motion exhale.

4. High barbell thrust

This exercise not only perfectly develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the shoulder girdle, but is also very useful for triceps. This is one of the best exercises for the development of the front head. We take the bar while we pull the bar with a narrow grip from above, set our arms about 10 cm, and lower it on the outstretched arms in front of us. After this, we vigorously pull the bar to the chin, while lifting shoulders high.

Wrists should remain completely immobile. The barbell, straining the muscles of the shoulder girdle, must be kept close to the body and make sure that your body does not tilt backwards. We return to the starting position and repeat. The barbell is done in 3 sets of 10 repetitions. And do not forget that steroid drugs or other hormonal agents that can be easily bought from us on the website can help develop the shoulders (the purchase process is as simple as possible, but reliable).

5. Alternate lifting hands with dumbbells.

Lightweight dumbbells are also needed for this exercise, which pumps the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Let us stand with our backs to the wall and take dumbbells in each hand with the upper grip. Raise your right hand slowly forward and up above your head. We make a short pause and lower the hand to the starting position, then raise the left hand. This exercise emphasizes the load on the middle bundle of the shoulder muscles. Breathe through your mouth. We make 3 sets of 8 repetitions for each hand.