Bodybuilding and fitness: the path to the perfect body

In order to “build” a powerful, beautiful body, it is necessary to take into account the fundamentals of nutrition: to know when and what to eat to gain weight or lose it, emphasizing the relief muscles. Understand the structure of the body, muscles, digestive system, ways to recover from stress. In the methods of training: in the complex of exercises for weight gain and loss of body fat, in aerobic exercise.

Bodybuilding teaches you to listen to your body and monitor your health, as the goal of this sport is in personal self-improvement. You cannot achieve good results without learning to listen to yourself carefully. Bodybuilding classes consist not only of training, but also include healthy nutrition, active rest and healthy sleep. Undoubtedly, these components are relevant for the modern man in the age of hypodynamia and sedentary lifestyle.

Historical excursion

In every culture there were tales of warriors, defenders and warriors. Athleticism, as the basis of sports and physical activity, has existed since ancient times. In ancient Greece, the Olympics originated. The strongmen of that time were engaged in philosophy, science, politics as successfully as sports.

The history of fitness originates in the twentieth century. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, bodybuilding (as a generally accepted systematized concept) did not exist. The founder of this sport is an outstanding athlete Yevgeny Sandov. Inspired by his student years studying physical culture and anatomy, he was able to achieve excellent results.

Having started his career as a circus wrestler, Eugene Sandov moved to America, where he became known as Eugene Sandow. There he created the industry, which is now called fitness. Eugene wrote methodological materials, opened up athletic halls, designed simulators and sports equipment. Under his leadership, in 1901, the first bodybuilding competitions were held in England.

Fitness is of great importance among various sports. The first International Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) was founded by the brothers Ben and Joe Weider in 1946. They were at the beginning of the first magazine, the pages of which were (to this day) devoted to this topic. It is called “Muscle & Fitness”. The Weider brothers have developed a very effective set of exercises for building muscle. They introduced the idea of a special diet, which includes vitamin and nutritional supplements for those involved in bodybuilding.

Positive effect of bodybuilding on health

  1. It slows down the aging process due to the fact that microcirculation improves and the processes of tissue regeneration are accelerated.
  2. Physical activity normalizes blood sugar (due to its consumption as an energy source) and prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques. Therefore, bodybuilding is the prevention of diabetes and obesity.
  3. Reduced risk of developing depression. This is facilitated by improved appearance and increased self-esteem.
  4. Any sports activities are taught to self-discipline, which applies not only to the training regime, but also to other areas of life.
  5. Promotes a healthy lifestyle. Abuse of bad habits is incompatible with effective workouts.

Bodybuilding and health

Still, bodybuilding is often blamed for provoking the emergence of various diseases: from arthritis to coronary heart disease. But any sport will have a devastating effect on the body, if you do not follow the rules of safe training.

The desire to get everything at once, reassessment of their capabilities, as well as working for wear and tear will sooner or later lead to injuries and chronic diseases. Follow the recommendations of the coach, fully eat and rest between workouts. Then bodybuilding will be for you an excellent prevention of many diseases, and not their cause. If bodybuilding seems difficult to you, choose fitness.

Sport or hobby

The difference between fitness and bodybuilding lies in the fact that in the second case it is necessary to strictly adhere to the regime. Otherwise, as in any other sport, you will not be able to reach the first place and the laurel wreath of the winner.

Sport of high achievements is always fraught with risk and great stress for the body. If you do not set a goal to win the title of “Mr. Olympia”, then by following the recommendations on bodybuilding in food, workout, rest and mode of the day, you can significantly improve the standard of living and change your body for the better. A person who is engaged for himself, there is no need to prepare for competitions, reduce the percentage of fat to critical values, rid the body of a huge amount of water, build up maximum muscles.

It is enough to go to the goal, improving your body day after day. This contributes to health and harmonious development, because training includes endurance training, strength, increased muscle volume, and increased flexibility.

Fitness has absorbed the positive qualities of bodybuilding: flexible, adaptable to almost any organism training system, in which everyone can find advantages for themselves.

Pluses of fitness

  1. Fitness is suitable as a supplement for other sports, helping to increase the result in the basic discipline.
  2. It becomes possible to individualize the workout as much as possible. Exercises in bodybuilding and fitness take into account the characteristics of the body.
  3. Can help protect yourself from excessive alcohol and sweets.
  4. Breakdowns in the diet is not as dangerous as people who are not involved in sports.
  5. Allows you to work out all muscle groups.
  6. This is an outlet for athletes in other sports injured. Fitness can act as a rehabilitation tool.
  7. Although it is advisable to go to the gym for fitness, you can do workouts at home (but I must admit that the result will be more modest).
  8. Classes develop strength, speed, coordination, endurance.
  9. Fitness saves from hypodynamia. Training in the gym several times a week minimizes or fully compensates for the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
  10. Physical activity is a patented means of preventing the occurrence of sad thoughts and depressive states. During sports, endorphins are released – the hormones of joy. In addition, having a beautiful and healthy body, you will feel more confident and cheerful in any environment.