Joint Pain Treatment with Pharmacology

It’s time to talk a little about the problems of almost every one of us with joints / ligaments / tendons. Unfortunately, all of us (or the majority), one way or another, make mistakes and stupid things that often provoke problems with certain tissues in the future.

It can be overweight, unnatural exercise technique, overly frequent study of lagging muscle groups. In general, there are enough reasons. And the result is always the same. First, microtrauma, and then chronic pain in the shoulders, knees, elbows and elsewhere.

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Well, the worst cases are when our courage and recklessness lead to real damage to the long-suffering body. Naturally, if you have suffered the misfortune of a full-fledged injury, then only a qualified orthopedist and traumatologist will help here. But such cases in amateur bodybuilding are much less common. More often, a person is faced with periodic or constant pain in certain parts of the body.

This article is exactly for them. In any case, going to an sensible doctor and listening to what he says will be VERY not out of place. But often doctors only intimidate us. And the situation is even worse psychologically. And all sorts of additives that cost a lot of money in pharmacy chains, and ointments – gels, do not give the desired result. And then the hand involuntarily reaches for the diclofenac ampoule.

Therefore, in order for this diclofenac to enter your body as rarely as possible, we will provide you with a set of medicines that REALLY prove their effectiveness in practice. Naturally, this option will be as economical as possible.

Without a doubt, the most effective remedy in our situation is Growth Hormone. But below we will present a more budget option.

Before listing the necessary preparations, let us say a few words about no less important points.


For the period of the recovery course, we completely exclude the direct load in the hall on problem areas. We also exclude work with free weights. Training during this period becomes supportive.

  • Operating weight 40/50% of maximum.
  • The basis is pumping.
  • Instead of barbells and dumbbells – simulators.
  • No intensification methods.


A very important point. Most importantly, reduce your protein intake by about half the usual amount. The fact is that protein (especially in the quantities in which athletes consume it) is difficult for the body. The body has to significantly strain to process and assimilate it.

Our task in this period is to direct the body to the maximum regeneration of damaged areas. And an excess of protein is generally useless. But carbohydrates (only the right ones) need to be eaten more. Firstly, we need maximum energy for treatment, and secondly, the more fluid we have in our body, the more fun we will recover in every sense of the word. We also drink a lot of water.


Any person who has achieved something in life will confirm that he never succeeds in sitting with one booty in two chairs. The priority goal is always one. And she needs to devote maximum effort and time. Neglecting (for a while) everything else in life.

In this case, you should prepare for a drop in muscle volume and strength. Density, hardness and venousness (most likely) will also worsen. A set of certain (depending on genetics) amounts of subcutaneous fat is possible. It’s not enough pleasant, but then it’s up to you to decide which is more important. Roll back a little, but treat the musculoskeletal system. Or to aggravate your position further, but progress in terms of form.

A set of drugs – Our entire course will take ten weeks


Without a doubt, the hormonal background in the body for the period of recovery of the musculoskeletal system should be normal. And the most important hormone in a man’s body is dough. Only our task has a specific character. The usual dose, which is used in hormone replacement therapy, will be quite enough.

The best choice would be one of the long mono ethers. So the concentration of the main androgen will be stable and even. 250 mg once a week is more than enough. I would advise enanthate. But testosterone cypionate is also quite suitable. We set strictly all ten weeks.


This drug has one, but a very significant difference from all other AAS. Unlike testosterone, methandrostenolone and oxymetholone, which simply increase the lubricant component in the bone tissue for the period of administration and relieve pain, nandrolone has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on these tissues.

Subject to the accompanying measures, this steroid will significantly help our joints (first of all). We recommend nandrolone phenylpropionate. Dosage 300 mg per week. We put on 100 mg every third day. Duration of admission is all ten weeks.

To prevent an excessive increase in prolactin, it is quite possible to divide the Dostinex tablet (500 mcg) into two parts and take half, on Monday and Thursday. This will insure against possible troubles on the course of nandrolone, which we have nothing to do with during this period.


This drug VERY perfectly inhibits inflammatory processes in the body. Plus (in our dosages) it has a protective effect on muscle tissue. Its minus in a wide range of side effects.

The most unpleasant of which is dystrophy of the adrenal cortex. But this applies to long-term use and high doses. In any case, in order to avoid any risk, we will limit its reception as follows. Reception week – rest week. Dosage 1 – 2 tablets (0.5 – 1 mg) per day. We take it strictly at a time. In the morning, after breakfast.

TV – 500 (Thymosin Beta-4)

One of the few peptide compounds that REALLY works in practice. In addition to strengthening and restoring effects on ligaments and joints, it is also able to regenerate muscle tissue. This is suitable for those who like to work with large weights or have experienced tears or partial tears in muscle tissue.

Scientists have found that this drug contributes to the intensive production of synovial fluid. It also strengthens the myocardium (heart muscle). Dosage 2 mg (usually one bottle) per day. In the morning after waking up. Enter subcutaneously. Insulin syringe. In order to avoid adaptation to the substance, we take two days, then rest day. And on a new one. Injections put all ten weeks in a row.


We strongly recommend that you purchase a QUALITY sports supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfates. For the whole course. Vitamin complex and supplement containing omega 3 acids.

As you can see, it’s not very cheap to manage. But, in comparison with the course of QUALITY Growth Hormone, the presented option is still budgetary. If you do everything right, then at least VERY tangibly tighten your musculoskeletal system. If there are no chronic conditions, then even recover.

One way or another, these are the rules of the game – if you really train with full dedication, to the result, then sooner or later the pain and discomfort will come back. So, a periodic appeal to this scheme is inevitable, if you are not a masochist. Do not forget that you need to return to the usual training regimen after the course of treatment slowly and gradually. The main thing here is not to rush. And avoid future exercises that provoke tangible pain in the bones and soft bones.

Take care of yourself!