Top 5 steroids for women

When most people think of steroids, they think of massive, muscle-busting men. Someone perhaps that falls somewhere between Popeye and the Incredible Hulk. But, what about steroids for women?

Yes, we did say “steroids for women.” That is not a misprint.

Actually, it’s the farthest thing from a misprint you can get.

Not only is there a market for steroids for women, but, steroid use among the female population is rapidly becoming a growing trend.

Women on Steroids – Increasing in Popularity

People from all walks of life choose to use steroids to enhance performance and women make up a significant portion of this percentage.

Physique athletes, fitness models, gym rats, and everyone in between, all seek the perfect result. As a result, the steroid world has long been including women – for decades.

Of course, the issue is not without its controversies and some people believe that women and steroids should never mix.

We are not those people. But we are not stupid either.

Steroids are indeed powerful performance enhancers but they don’t come without their risk. That is why it’s important to arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to make the best decision possible.

The reality is that thousands of women supplement every day. And they supplement with huge success.

Steroids and women can become the perfect partnership. They can be a match made in performance heaven.

But in order for that to happen, it’s important to know the best steroids to buy.

In this regard, we’ve got you covered. It’s time for the full low down on steroids for women.

Let’s take a deeper dive.

Why Are Anabolic Steroids Used?

Initially developed to treat testosterone deficiency in men, anabolic steroids are used today as performance enhancing drugs.

They are synthetic variations of the male sex hormone testosterone. “Anabolic” refers to muscle-building, and “androgenic” refers to increased male sex characteristics.

Essentially, you take anabolic steroids primarily to:

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Increase muscle
  • Increase red blood cell circulation
  • Increase calcium in bones

But, if steroids are used to duplicate the properties of androgens – the sex hormone in males, why are women using them and what possible harm can they cause?

Women and Steroids – Possible Problems

All anabolic steroids carry some degree of risk – both to males and females. But for women, in particular, the use of steroids can be damaging.

Extreme caution is required.

Why so?

Because of the large presence of androgens in steroids, women are at risk from virilization. And, that risk is significant.

In some cases, with the wrong supplements, a woman’s feminity can be severely compromised.

Assuming this is not what most women want, it’s important to take two things into consideration whenever you’re choosing to supplement:

  • As a rule, choose steroids that have low virilizing properties
  • Pay close attention to your body. Discontinue use immediately if signs of virilization occur

Steroid Benefits

Even though steroids pose a risk for women, the potency of some supplements makes them an important part of a fitness regime. In many cases, steroids give you a physique that is almost impossible to get without them.

So, once you decide to take the plunge, which ones are the best ones for the female form?

Here’s our top 5.

Steroids for Women – 5 of the Best


Anavar is often called the “The Girl Steroid” and it has proven efficacy for men and women. It is considered a safe, mild steroid and, as a result, it’s perfect for female use.

Here are some of its main qualities:

  • It has the lowest virilization rate possible
  • It Increases fat loss
  • It helps preserve lean tissue
  • It actively enhances performance
  • It’s relatively quick acting
  • It has little to no effect on blood pressure

2. STANOZOLOL (Winstrol)

This is the steroid of choice for track and field athletes and it is widely considered to be very safe and hugely effective. It’s a cheaper alternative to Anavar.

According to some anecdotal evidence, Winstrol can decrease the level of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and increase the level of low-density lipoproteins (LDL). All steroid users can welcome that with open arms.

Here are some of the main benefits for women:

  • It’s a mild steroid
  • It’s great for cutting and promotes big fat loss
  • It’s unique for women because it’s great for bulking too
  • Increases lean muscle retention


This is the least androgenic of steroids and is great for bulking and cutting. It probably offers the best risk to benefit ratio of any steroid for women.

Some benefits include:

  • Impressive lean tissue building effects
  • Low androgenic qualities
  • Retains nitrogen -an important building block of protein
  • Sculpts physique


The prescription free supplement is a legal and natural cutting steroid. Excellent for fat burning, this is a thermogenic supplement particularly suitable for women.

Why? Because women find it much harder to lose fat than men.

The power of this drug is in its thermogenic effect. It ramps up your body temperature which is super important for a faster metabolism. You’ll get a sculpted body as a result.


This one is ideal if your overall goal is for muscle gains. This supplement recreates you extra strength and more power.

Excellent at increasing red blood cell circulation, this supplement boosts your performance and decreases water retention.

The net effect? Defined muscles and increased stamin

Steroids for Women – The Good, The Bad, and The Glorious

Clearly, steroids are no joke. They’re certainly not for the faint of heart. They can bring a definite boost to your cutting or bulking structure, but they also bring some pitfalls.

It’s always important to think carefully before you decide to start a supplementation regime and it’s crucial to take adequate precautions.

Always start on a low dose and monitor the effects of that dose at all times.

We recommend you start your regime for a short period of no longer than 6-8 weeks.

Most importantly of all, it is critical that you educate yourself on the subject of steroids. It’s so important to understand both the risks and the benefits before you commit to taking anything.

Your body is your greatest gift. When you decide to sculpt it, make sure that you choose supplements that are just right for you.

And, who knows your body better than you?