The first course of steroids: what should be and what to choose?

Athletes use steroids to give strength and muscle to the body. These artificial components allow you to train longer. Novice athletes also start with this drug.

What steroids and in what doses are recommended for beginners?

Novice athletes ask questions – how professionals managed to achieve this form. The point here is not at all the duration of the achievement of the result, but the intensity of training. To speed up the process of muscle recovery and growth, steroids are used. These artificial components must be taken strictly on the recommendation of a doctor and trainer. Unauthorized administration of the drug can disrupt the functioning of the whole body, there will not be the desired effect.

Where to begin?

You need to start the first steroid courses with a consultation with a doctor or trainer.

The drug can seriously harm the male and female body. When using pills, you need to monitor the mode of employment, nutrition. The main condition is intensive training.

Before taking the drug, you should understand the rules:

  • Anabolic drugs are prohibited for persons under 21 years of age. Steroids can adversely affect the endocrine system.
  • The duration of taking the tablets is not more than 6 weeks.
  • Eat high-calorie foods.
  • Monitor diet, workouts.
  • It is forbidden to start the program after strength training.

To choose a course for a beginner, you need to set the dosage, the duration of the drug. Then it will be clear how the muscles will grow, what kind of rehabilitation therapy will be needed. When using steroids, in addition to nutrition and training, you also need sleep and rest. Although the muscles recover quickly, there are no tendons and ligaments. With intense training in unprepared parts of the body will be injured.

After the termination of the course, you also need to allow the body to recover. You can not immediately start a new course. If you continue to take steroids, then hepatitis, liver and heart problems will appear.

Short courses

At first, steroids for beginners are allowed by short programs. These are courses for a maximum of 4 weeks, and ideally 2-3. The advantages of such a system are simple:

  • Harmlessness.
  • Efficiency.
  • Budgeting.
  • Minimal side effects.
The first course of steroids
This course is ideal for beginners in bodybuilding. Steroids also help to increase strength and muscle volume, but at the same time the damage to the body will be minimal and the financial side more attractive.
There are two types of short systems:

  • Solo – only 1 drug is used.
  • Complex – several medications are used.

Small programs are available to most athletes. However, do not forget about individual indicators. While taking steroids at a short rate, rest is also needed. The following system of drug use and recovery is recommended:

  • 2 weeks – 2 weeks;
  • 4 weeks – 4-6 weeks;
  • 6 weeks – 6-8 weeks;
  • 4 weeks – 4 weeks.

Short programs have a minimum effect on lipid balance, on the level of “bad” and “good” cholesterol in the blood. This process can be balanced by the exclusion of fried, fatty from the diet, cardio workouts, the use of linseed oil, niacin.

If you disrupt the short course regimen, then side effects will appear – acne, hair loss, kidney stress, a decrease in sexual desire, a decrease in the testes in size, and an increase in blood pressure.

Steroid Expectations

Starting to drink steroids of the first course, the athlete has certain expectations from the process. They are divided into physiological and psychological. The first category includes:

  • Muscle building, increase in body weight by 7-12 kg.
  • The increase in strength.
  • More stamina, performance.
  • Free fats are burned.
  • Wounds, tears, sprains heal faster.
  • The bones are strengthened.
  • Venous muscles appear.
  • Less pain during and after exercise.
  • Immunity improves, appetite.

The category of psychological improvements consists of the following indicators:

  • The athlete’s mood rises, more confidence.
  • Endurance is developing, the desire to train well and in high quality.
  • Fighting qualities, a sense of competition.
  • Concentration develops.
  • Good movement skills.
  • Increased sexual desire.

The first course of steroids - muscle mass

Contraindications and negative effects

Starting a steroid course for a beginner is not recommended if the athlete falls under at least one of the factors:

  • Less than 22 years old.
  • Female.
  • There was no consultation with a specialist.

Contraindications also concern an increase in dosage and a change in the duration of the course. It is forbidden to add other drugs to the program. There must be therapy after the course, it cannot be canceled or postponed. If you use injectable drugs, then the efficiency is higher.

If you do not follow the advice and recommendations from professionals, then negative consequences and side effects will appear:

  • If you finish the course and training at one moment, then all achievements disappear. Muscles, strength, endurance become smaller. If you do not stop classes, then the result will decrease, but slightly.
    Psychological addiction appears.
  • In women, reverse masculinization begins, the menstrual cycle is disrupted or completely stops, male-type hair grows, and the genitals are modified.
  • In men, hair on the head falls out, the testicles decrease, the prostate enlarges. You can stop all processes if you drink special hormones and drugs.
  • Liver diseases develop, blood pressure rises.

Steroids do not affect the functionality of the brain, the length and function of the penis. Before and after the course, it is recommended to take tests for different indicators, check the heart, kidneys.

What steroids to choose?

Doctors recommend starting the first course for a beginner with such drugs – Turinabol and Methandienone.

They are taken orally and are sold in the form of tablets or capsules. Methane allows an athlete to gain up to 8-10 kg of muscle mass in 1 month. But it retains fluid in the body, so after the course is over, the muscles with water will go away a little.

Methandienone has a positive effect on the body:

Strength is increasing.
Fat burning is activated.
Bone tissue strengthens and appetite improves.
It surpasses testosterone in anabolic activity.

Turinabol is recommended to obtain a dry mass. It does not hold water, so a person gains only 4-5 kg of muscle. Experienced athletes advise him to start the course, as it is softer for the body. It does not affect the liver and after the end of another 8-9 months holds. This allows you to train effectively even after the course.