Specificity of building a course of powerlifter

If the goal of the bodybuilder is the growth of the maximum volume of muscle mass, the purpose of the powerlifter is different – the highest growth of power indicators while retaining the body weight (of course, this does not apply to the absolute weight category).

It happens, quite often, bodybuilders go into powerlifting or lifters become bodybuilders, the use of basic exercises to achieve the necessary results is also a factor bringing these sports together, but different purposes dictate to the athletes of the world powerlifting other priorities in the choice of pharmacological support.

The specificity of powerlifting is such that the goal of maximal growth of power indicators requires choosing a drug to give preference to that:

  1. At the highest speed, it will restore the functioning of the central nervous system after severe physical and emotional overload;
  2. Provide “drive” and a desire to train;
  3. Provide confidence in their capabilities and, to a greater extent, will contribute to progress in strength.

Therefore, powerlifting representatives prefer the most androgenic representatives of the world of steroids: testosterones, trenbolones, drostanolone, methyltestosterone, and its derivative fluoxysterone; since the specificity of powerlifting is such that the articular-ligament apparatus is subjected to significant overloads, then sometimes the lifters use nandrolone (if there is no doping control since any nandrolone can be detected within 18 months) to reduce inflammatory processes in the joints and ligaments, with the aim of restoring ligaments and the articular tissue uses growth hormone, IGF and peptides.

For the reduction of inflammatory processes after the trauma, steroid preparations of synthetic glucocorticoids (prednisolone or dexamethasone more powerful) may be used, in the case of less intense inflammation, simple nelf antibodies (ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc.) can be avoided. It was previously thought that the dosages used in bodybuilding are undoubtedly higher than in powerlifting, however, modern tendencies are such that powerlifters in pursuit of the growth of power, often, seek to raise the dose of the AU.

If the powerlifter is a beginner and his power figures barely exceeded 170 kg in squats with a rod and 150 in the cue from the chest, then for progress he would have sufficient use of the usual methandіonone or turinabol at a dosage of 40 mg per day. Professionals have a different story – they have come up to the threshold of their force development, and they just need to squeeze out the maximum force of contraction of muscle tissue at the same body mass, which means that the need for high-androgenic drugs is rising more than ever.

Let’s consider the principles of using drugs in more detail:


For a young athlete, the purpose of steroid consumption is only to “pass the plateau” in the growth of strength indicators, which means that the consumption of steroids should be as modest as possible and only slightly improve the recoverability of the organism after the loads.

Standard courses will fit this way:

Methandienon – 40 mg per day, or 40 mg turinabol per day, the course time will be limited to the athlete’s purpose, but also we will not forget about biochemical parameters (AlAT, AsAT, SCF, bilirubin, etc.). PKT is completely standard – any blocker of estrogen receptors (for example, clomid 50 mg in the morning and as much in the evening, the course may require choleretic drugs, consumption of hepatoprotectors after the course depends on the anxiety of the athlete, his analyzes and the duration of the course).

Of course, there are intermittent principles of reception, the essence of which is the use of “short-lived” drugs on the day of training no more than three times a week (for example, methandienone 30 mg an hour before training). At the heart of this principle is the assertion that the maximum volume of intracellular AC absorbed occurs precisely during the training period (the time of pumping of the target muscles, then the maximum number of steroid molecules comes in the inside of the cell, in the subsequent time, the passage of the AC molecules through the cell membrane is not so intense and effective) .

The advantage of this scheme is the possibility of an exceptionally long reception of the AS in the minimum doses, which practically does not affect neither the liver, nor the axis of the HGN, but there are also minuses: not such a vivid manifestation of progress from receiving the AU, this scheme does not forgive mistakes in nutrition, rest or training, therefore, requires more knowledge and experience.

Methandienone 30-40 mg per day and Susanon 250 mg twice a week, aromatase inhibitors a day (eg, eksemestan 12.5 mg). The course duration is usually 8 weeks, but its time may vary depending on the stage of the exercise task. PTC can be tamoxifen 20 mg twice a day or clomiphene citrate 100 mg in the morning and 50 in the evening for at least three weeks, it is possible to connect gonadotropin in a dose of 2,000 ED every 3rd day during the whole time of PCT.

This should be not the first course beginner, but the 4th or 5th, when the necessary experience is accumulated. An unusual course (as on short esters), but showed its effectiveness in practice, testosterone propionate 150 mg a day, drostanolone dipropionate 100 mg a day, with the corresponding diet perfectly saves body weight (does not allow to grow mass, with the fact that it extracts excess water due to the action of drostanolone), in some cases it is advisable to use IA (since 150 mg of testosterone propionate is a fairly high dose).

The duration of the course varies as well. It should be clarified that drostanolone is often very effective in testicular atrophy, so if during the course of the course the athlete notices a rapid decrease in their size, it is advisable to use chorionic gonadotrophin at a dose of 1000 ED every 4th day.

Professionals can usually use higher doses of testosterones and connect trenbolone, as one of the most powerful steroids that leads to a rise in strength.

Sustanon 500 mg twice a week (weekly dose of 1000 mg), trenbolone 150-200 mg twice weekly (weekly dose 300-400 mg), aromatase inhibitors a day (either anastrozole 500 micrograms per day or letrozole 1.25 mg per day either Exemestan 12.5 mg a day), it should be remembered about the strongest effect of this combination on the testicular, which means to buy more gonadotrophin in advance. Such a combination allows well-trained athletes to progress for 350-400 kg in squats, and 280-300 kg in a lime lane.

After such a course, a large, powerful PCT should be conducted. Also, one should not forget about the aggression that will certainly cause such drugs, and therefore it is advisable to think about taking Pheniibut or Pantoga in the course of the course to reduce the manifestation of aggression (possibly the consumption of Glycine during the day), from wild sexual desire Pheniubut will not save, so pre-prepare your second half to an extremely difficult sexual service.

Short essays

Testosterone propionate 100 mg every other day, drostanolone dipropionate 100 mg per day, and trenbolone acetate 100-150 mg per day, a rather unusual and highly effective combination that allows you to build up strength without increasing body weight. Due to its androgenicity, it is not inferior to the first course, but in something it is even more intense (the fact is that short esters of preparations have a short operating time, in this connection, the active substance is released from the air at higher speed from the air to the body of the athlete, the height of the concentration of active substances per unit time will be higher, thus, the manifested effects of the drugs will be more intense and the rate of “inclusion of the course” will be several days).

This course is also suitable for athletes in federations who have doping control, 6-7 weeks before the presentation, you can simply switch to a testosterone suspension (this is pure testosterone without ether) of 50 mg per day, in a few weeks you can leave a dose of 25 mg through day and in 4-5 days completely abandon the AU. Fortunately, strength indicators are the last one that the athlete leaves (at first stamina, then mass and then force), thus, even in the event of a rejection of the AU, the athlete has the opportunity to compete at practically the peak of the form.

Combination courses such as 750 mg sustanon per week, 100 mg testosterone per day on workout day, trenbolone acetate 100 mg daily, 3-4 weeks before the start of the competition, should be added to the course of fluoxomisone in a dose of 40 mg per day.

The growth hormone in powerlifting plays a more auxiliary role, and its use in most cases has a therapeutic and prophylactic function in protecting the articular-ligament apparatus from severe overloads. Solution of such tasks has an effect on the choice of dosage, usually 5 ED per day to prevent injuries. Peptides are also commonly used for the same purposes (eg TB-500).

In weightlifting, growth hormone (as it is difficult to detect for doping control) and short testosterone esters (such as testosterone propionate or testosterone suspension) are often used, these drugs sufficiently provide restoration of the athlete and undergo doping control.

The insulin in powerlifting is not unambiguous, since it leaves no chance for the host to remain in their weight category (if it is possible to avoid accumulation of adipose tissue, excessive accumulation of glycogen in the muscles will lead to the accumulation of fluid, which means excess weight). However, insulin is a great remedy for recovery after heavy training, so it may well be used by newcomers (who have not yet grown to the competition) and by representatives of absolute weight categories, where the mass does not matter (it is necessary to take into account the risk of insulin when it is ingested).

Thus, one can conclude that it is advisable to use more androgenic drugs in powerlifting, but novices can be content more anabolic in small dosages, since the main goal is to restore the body after physical overload and prepare for new ones (when the loads are relatively small, then it is not worthwhile use excessive amount of pharmacological support). Drugs with more pronounced androgenic properties can be used by more “advanced” athletes, who have come close to developing their physical limits. The use of the growth hormone in powerlifting is ancillary in nature, but insulin is a great remedy for recovery, but it can significantly affect body weight gain.