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SUSTANON is an oil based solution of 4 testosterone esters for IM injection including those of short, intermediate, and long half-lives.

Serum testosterone will rapidly increase within 24 hours of IM administration and remain elevated for 7 – 10 days. Sustanon 250 is suitable for the treatment of hypogonadism and other disorders related to androgen deficiency. Sustanon 250 has both anabolic and androgenic effects. Testosterone supplementation has been demonstrated to increase strength and growth of new muscle tissue, frequently with increases in libido.

CAS number: 5721-91-5. Dosation: 2500mg/10ml. The package has been changed.


Buy Sustanon (Testosterone Mix) – Hilma Biocare

  • Brand: Hilma Biocare 250mg/ml, 10ml/vial
  • Drug name: Sustanon / Testosterone Mix
  • Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids

Use and effective range:

  • Applications: mass building, strength building, diet
  • Anabolic components: strong
  • Androgenic components: strong

Dose range and duration of use:

  • Beginners: 250-500mg every 10 days
  • Hobby: 500mg every 5-7 days
  • Professional range: 1000-2000mg per week
  • Women: not recommended
  • Application period: 12 weeks up to one year
  • Active-Life: About 3 weeks
  • Drug Class: Androgenic/Anabolic steroid (For injection)
  • Average Reported Dosage: Men 250-1000mg weekly
  • Acne: Yes
  • Water Retention: Yes
  • High Blood Pressure: Yes
  • Liver Toxic: Low except in high dosages over 1000-mg weekly DHT
  • Conversion: Yes
  • Decreases HPTA Function: Significantly after 2 weeks
  • Aromatization: Yes, somewhat less than testosterone cypionate or enanthate.

SUSTANON is a mixture of 4 Testosterones:

  • 60-mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 30-mg Testosterone Propionate
  • 60-mg Testosterone Isocaporate
  • 100-mg Testosterone Decanoate.

This is a well structured product that acts as a well timed time-released high anabolic/high androgenic testosterone. In fact, due to Testosterone Propionate, this product becomes active after one day, but through the series of the other 3 testosterones, remains active for 3 weeks. This mixture had a reported better over all effect milligram for milligram than any other testosterone alone. Users experienced a rapid increase in strength and an even increase in solid mass during administration.

Sustanon aromatized less and caused less water retention when compared to other single testosterones and much less than Omnadren. Liver toxicity was low (Except in ridiculous dosages) as the liver metabolizes testosterone very efficiently. Like all testosterones, Sustanon provided improved muscle pumps, better post-training recuperation, and an elevation in aggressiveness toward training.

Sustanon significantly suppressed the HPTA so natural testosterone production was significantly decreased as well. For this reason, HCG and Clomid were considered mandatory after 4-6 weeks of continuous use and after the discontinuance of the drug.

Males normally utilized dosages of 250-1000mg weekly, but some used higher dosages. As a rule, excellent results were realized with a dosage of 250-500mg every 7-10 days. Most novices and women noted that they felt that they should not use testosterone. Novices…because it was not necessary and it will limit later potential progress. Women should not use them (but a few reported doing so) due to virilizing effects.

Some woman polled just could not leave testosterones alone. PROSCAR (FINASTERIDE, A DHT BLOCKER) was considered mandatory for co-administration and TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 50mg 1 time weekly was noted to cause less virilizing side effects.