Winstrol: course and reviews

Winstrol (stanozolol) is a popular trademark for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. It is more conducive to building muscles, and produces an androgenic effect. Perhaps due to the anabolic properties of this drug is not as powerful in comparison with more powerful substances. But this is one of the most reliable means to build muscle.


Winstrol exists in two dosage forms: in the form of tablets and solution for injection (Winstrol depot). The chemical structure of Winstrol makes it possible to attribute it to testosterone derivatives.

Winstrol course – general rules

Winstrol course is suitable for those athletes who have sufficient body weight and moderate fat content. The general rules for receiving funds are:

  • Give preference to injectable form.
  • Daily optimal dose: in tablets – 10-25 mg, in injections – 50 mg.
  • The course should start with a minimum dose of 10 mg per day. For a week you need to increase the dose to the optimal value.
  • Course duration: for tablet form – 5-6 weeks, for injection – 6-8 weeks.
  • 1.5 weeks before the end of the course, the dosage of the drug should be gradually reduced to a minimum value.
  • The greatest effect of the course is obtained if you simultaneously apply sports nutrition to the relief.
  • The described course of Winstrol does not require follow-up therapy.

Combination Courses

Taking stanozolol (Winstrol), you can simultaneously add other tools. It depends on specific goals. If the goal is to increase muscle mass, Winstrol administration can be combined with other, more powerful androgens, such as anapolone, methandrostenolone, testosterone. The action of these drugs is balanced by Winstrol, so that their estrogenic effect decreases with anabolic action.

Compensating for the action of strong androgens contributes to the addition of antiestrogens such as Clomid, Nolvadex. Properly chosen combination of drugs will lead to an increase in muscle mass without significant delay of adipose tissue and fluid.

As practice shows, in the process of diets for weight loss or before the competition, the combination of Winstrol and trenbolone (non-aromatizing androgen) makes the muscles hard and especially relief – this is usually the goal of many athletes.

Features of courses for women

Daily Winstrol intake in women: 5-10 mg (2-2.5 tablets, 2 mg each). Despite the good tolerability of the drug, women are not suitable injections. This is associated with the risk of androgen accumulation, which explains the reduced dose. Moreover, the tablet is easier to divide into several doses than the ampoule. If injections are still used, the ampoule should be divided into at least 2 doses.

It is necessary to take breaks between the injections. The optimal dose is 25 mg every 2-3 days. Some ambitious women give injections every other day. However, it is better to avoid such a scheme. And although the active ingredient Winstrol is a moderate androgen, but there is a risk of signs of masculinization.

Effect and side effects of Winstrol

About Winstrol Steroid Profile

Winstrol results are as follows:

  • Anabolic effect of testosterone levels is 320%.
  • The androgenic effect of testosterone is 30%.
  • There is no conversion to estrogen (aromatization).
  • Toxic properties for the liver are manifested only from the tablet form.
  • Two ways of administration: in the form of tablets and injections.
  • The duration of the effect is 8 hours.
  • The effect appears: for tablets – in three weeks, for injections – in nine weeks.

Winstrol Advantages

Winstrol is very popular in bodybuilding. It almost does not affect body weight. At the same time, muscles are made from it by relief, and the venous pattern is enhanced.

Other advantages include:

  • significant increase in strength and endurance;
  • increased appetite;
  • fat splitting;
  • rapid excretion of fluid.

Meanwhile, Winstrol has a low androgenic activity (although masculinization and virilization are not completely excluded). This quality makes it a safe steroid for female athletes.

High safety Winstrol is the lack of its conversion to estrogen. And this, in turn, prevents the formation of such negative phenomena as edema and gynecomastia.

About adverse events

Side effects of taking Winstrol are very rare. With a properly designed course, they are completely absent. However, the following side effects may occur:

  • hypertension, it eliminates antihypertensive drugs;
  • raising the level of cholesterol in the blood, to eliminate during the course take omega-3 fatty acids;
  • pain with the introduction of the drug, it refers only to the injectable form of Winstrol depot;
  • liver toxicity, tablet form;
  • myocardial hypertrophy: the greater the dosage, the greater the risk;
  • headaches;
  • muscle spasms.

Winstrol reviews

Using Winstrol in parallel with active training and a full-fledged balanced diet, it is possible to gain more than 10 kg of dry and well-drawn muscles for the course. That is why most athletes prefer to use this drug.

Meanwhile, different athletes reviews vary. Some people consider this drug weak, while others, on the contrary, are delighted with the result. Much depends on how well the reception course is built.

Many Winstrol reviews can be reduced to the following comparative data:

Evaluation parameters (yes – satisfied, no – not satisfied)

  • By the quality of the gained mass: yes 84%, no 16%.
  • According to the phenomenon of rollback: yes 85%, no 15%.
  • According to the degree of tolerance of injections: yes 69%, no 31%.
  • On availability: yes 83%, no 17%.
  • At the price: yes 74%, no 26%.
  • By efficiency: yes 88%, no 12%.
  • By the frequency of side effects: yes 83%, no 17%.

General conclusion: yes 89%, no 11%.

Despite the safety of Winstrol, it should be remembered that drugs are prescribed and used exclusively under the supervision of specialists. Serious negative health effects are possible from self-administration.