Top 5 steroids for height, weight and relief from the top 5 brands

Anabolic steroids are chemicals that accelerate protein synthesis within the cells of the body and lead to increased muscle growth. In bodybuilding and sports, steroids are used as a dope that increases muscle mass, accelerates recovery and increases endurance.

According to their pharmacological action, steroids are similar to testosterone, but they are more powerful. Simply put, anabolics introduce the body into a process similar to puberty in adolescents. In this case, steroids affect the whole body and can disrupt its work.

Top 5 best anabolic steroids for height, weight and relief from the top 5 brands_farmaboom

Top 5 Anabolic steroids: effects and consequences

The mechanism of action of steroids is divided into anabolic (hypertrophy and tissue growth by increasing the body’s ability to convert protein into muscle cells) and androgenic (strengthening secondary male sexual characteristics, including possible baldness and hair growth on the back).

Since anabolic steroids are soluble in fats, they easily penetrate into all organs of the body, including the brain. That is why, they affect not only the growth of muscles, but also self-esteem, the level of criticality of actions, increasing irritability and inflating sex drive.

In this article, we’ll look at the TOP 5 steroids among bodybuilders and talk ABOUT the top 5 steroid brands

Top 5 steroids for gaining muscle mass

Testosterone enanthate and cypionate = $34.34

Testosterone enanthate and cypionate

First products in our TOP 5 steriods rating are Testosterone enanthate and cypionate. It is the basis of all anabolic steroids. Almost every course on the mass has this strongest steroid which is able to show good results in the course of solo and in combination with other AAS. Depending on the ether bond, it can be used both in the period of mass collection and during drying. Ethers enanthate and cypionate perfectly manifest themselves for set of a large number of muscles.

Testosterone is prone to aromatization and is not related to safe steroids, as it can show the side effects of different nature. Due to it, you have to be careful taking testosterone.

Methandienone (Danabol) = $22.89


It is the most famous anabolic in the world-as popular as Methandrostenolone. This steroid is famous for its effectiveness, availability and price. It is used as an effective tool for both beginners and the most experienced athletes. It is the basic component in the course of the mass. Despite the repeated negative statements in the direction of Danabol, the drug remains the most effective steroid to this day. “Methane” is able to increase muscle mass and strength of the athlete. However, due to physiological factors of action, it has a pronounced phenomenon of rollback of the resulting properties of the steroid, is able to convert into estrogen and has hepatotoxicity. It is the second place of TOP 5 steroids ranking.

Turinabol = $25.18


It is an oral steroid, which is close to “methane” in its chemical structure, but with some changes. These changes put an end to aromatization, and to most of the side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention disappear. Turinabol is able to gain a cleaner mass, is often used in power courses, as well as increases strength and endurance. Due to the high cost of the drug, there are many fakes.

Nandrolone decanoate (DECA-Durabolin) = $42.35


It is widely known as “DECA” in the world of bodybuilding and it is one of the leaders among AAS. It is considered to be the best steroid for gaining muscle mass together with Methandrostenolone. It is characterized by a sufficiently high efficiency, relative safety, low androgenic activity, minimal rollback phenomenon, lack of conversion to estrogen and low toxicity, but is able to increase progestin activity and significantly reduce the production of natural test. It is very important to use it along with testosterone stimulants.

Oxymetholone (Anadrol) = $44.64

Oxymetholone (Anadrol)-farmaboom

It is the most powerful oral steroid for weight gain, but is also the most dangerous along with high efficiency. Do not neglect the rules of reception, any deviation from the instructions can leave a negative mark on your health. Due to Anadrol, you can gain 15 kg in 3 weeks. The phenomenon of rollback of the drug is the most pronounced among other anabolics.

Top 5 best steroids Brands

Many steroid manufacturing firms are ready to offer quality and effective products for athletes around the world. The main thing to remember is that you should buy such drugs from a reliable seller, as well as carefully select the type and dosage of steroid. After all, the purpose of taking AAS drugs is not only to gain a beautiful body, but also to maintain health.

The rating of domestic steroid manufacturers includes companies from Thailand, India, Iran, China and Europe. Production of each company is positively noted by athletes of the whole world.


  Buy “Hilma Biocare” brand products


Hilma Biocare Company is located in India, which already implies high quality of its products. No one will dispute the fact that the pharmaceutical industry in this country is one of the best in the world. Hilma Biocare is a research and development biotechnical company that is engaged in the production of drugs designed to improve the quality of life. The range of its products is quite wide and it contains drugs for sports, namely, anabolic steroids.

Due to the special oil, the composition of which is kept secret, all steroids in injections of Hilma Biocare not only make injections painless, but also accelerate the process of digestibility of the substance by the body. This is an advantage for athletes undergoing doping control, because this reduces the time of excretion of drugs from the body.


  Buy “Alpha-Pharma” brand products


The pharmacological industry of India has long established itself on the positive side. This applies not only to manufacturers of drugs, but also companies that create anabolic steroids. Today we will talk about one of them – Alpha Pharma. Its drugs for sports are very popular among athletes around the world.

Distinctive features of Alpha Pharma

In addition to good quality, Alpha Pharma steroids are available in a wide range. You will definitely find the necessary drugs in the range of products of this manufacturer. You should note that Alpha Pharma produces means for PCT. Continuous expansion of the product range is possible due to the expansion of production lines and increase of production without loss in terms of quality.

Conducting research and testing of drugs allows them to take responsibility for each pill produced and only then give it to the market for sale. The great demand for the products of the company gave rise to the emergence of a multitude of imitations, and that’s why the company adopted a decision on introduction of additional levels of protection.


  Buy “Magnus Pharmaceuticals” brand products


Magnus Pharmaceuticals produces not only anabolic steroids, but also other drugs for sports. Magnus Pharma management does everything possible to improve the quality of its products and constantly expands the range. According to 2018, the brand has steroids, peptides, growth hormone, as well as sports nutrition under the brand of Magnus Supplies. As a result, we have the richest line of sports pharmacology in the world and therefore the greatest demand.

Athletes around the world actively use anabolics of Magnus Pharma, and the proof of this should be sought on specialized forums. In general, the opinions of athletes are the same-the company’s products are of high quality. Also, the manufacturer has an official website where you can check the drug for authenticity. If you want to do this, you need to erase the protective layer and enter the verification code in the line.

The leading positions in the pharmaceutical market belong to extremely successful companies that have gained a reputation for years, producing high-quality and efficient products.


  Buy “MyoGen” brand products


MyoGen stands out among the world’s giants. The company is known in the world of sports and medicine as a responsible manufacturer of medicines.

The pharmaceutical company MyoGen exists for many years and conducts continuous work on improvement of own technologies and innovative solutions in the field of production of medicines. The head office is located in India, from where all deliveries to many countries around the world are conducted. The distinguishing characteristic of the product is the quality at a low cost, which explains its presence in every pharmacy or hospital.

The product range includes most pharmaceutical groups. MyoGen made sure that almost all of them were registered and received the relevant international documents in more than 30 countries in Eurasia and America.

Banner_Swiss Remedies

  Buy “Swiss Remedies” brand products


The brand of sports pharmacology and medicines Swiss Remedies has gained popularity and high ratings among buyers around the world. Swiss production was the embodiment of high quality products and affordable prices.

Thus, the drugs of the Swiss Remedies brand can be afforded by a person with an average income, while the manufacturers themselves guarantee excellent quality and efficiency. Thus, today it is one of the most popular manufacturers with the best value for money.