Is there any benefit from squats for men’s health?

No one will dispute the fact that any moderate physical activity has a positive effect on human health. Scientists have long proven. That the benefits of squats for men’s health is very significant. Here are some of the positive effects of this exercise: It improves blood circulation in the pelvis and throughout the body. As

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10 Benefits of squats for girls (swing a nut)

If you’re not used to doing them, squats can be more difficult, than you might have thought, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you can do them just about anywhere and they are a great way to tone your legs and your backside, but doing squad exercises is also beneficial for other parts of your

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Short course steroids

Short steroid courses are an anabolic drug administration system that implies a duration of no more than 4 weeks. Ideally, of course, it is no more than 2-3 weeks to “cure” in this form. Bill Roberts is the founder of this system. It was he who brought this innovation to the bodybuilding of our country.

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The number of approaches in the exercises bodybuilding

It is important to know about the existence of such different concepts that beginner athletes are often confused as an approach and a repetition. The difference in approach from repetitions is this: Repetitions are the number of times during a specific exercise. Approach (series or slang set) – performing the required number of repetitions of

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Testosterone Propionate at Your Service

What is Testosterone propionate? This is the most popular and used anabolic steroid in bodybuilding. The short side chain gives advantages in quick start-up, which is why the athlete feels the effect in the next 1-2 days. With more frequent injections of testosterone propionate, the athlete maintains a peak concentration of the substance in the

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Fat Burning Program for Men

Want to know how, thanks to the “circular training, you can make the lean body of your dreams? Almost 90% of celebrities use this training technique. Start and you prepare for the beach season – right. The question of choosing a training program for burning fat for men is very important, because it is the

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Testosterone Propionate: Dosages and Courses

Anabolics are an integral part of any bodybuilder. This is the first couple I want to pump your body naturally. Over time, any athlete is at an impasse, the progress from training becomes invisible. It is during this period begins to wonder what kind of anabolic steroid to choose. The market of sports supplements offers

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The use of peptide “Melanotan 2” for tanning

Almost every girl wants to have a beautiful tan, although many men want the same. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can be dangerous for the body. Ultraviolet accelerates the aging process of the skin and can cause the appearance of inflammatory processes on the skin. In addition, some people due to genetic factors simply can

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Top 5 Best Steroids for Drying
Top 5 Best Steroids for Drying hilma biocare farmaboom

Thanks to the courses of drying, the builders get the opportunity to achieve a beautiful relief of the muscles. Drying has two main objectives: Burning subcutaneous fat. Keeping muscle mass. In bodybuilding, it is customary to distinguish two periods – mass set and drying. During the mass gain by athletes, the corresponding types of sportpit

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7 best steroid courses on strength
steroid courses

Find out what makes steroids power courses different from traditional schemes and also we will show you 7 of the most common steroid power courses. Many people believe that anabolic drugs in sports are used exclusively for gaining muscle mass. However, this is not the case and representatives of some sports disciplines hold courses on

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EXEMESTANE (AROMASIN) in bodybuilding – effects and mechanisms of work

EXEMESTANE 250 (AROMASIN) is an aromatase inhibitor class medication used in bodybuilding to suppress the estrogenic side effects of steroids. He is also known by the name of aromazin, which was patented by Upjohn, who created it. For the first time an anti-estrogen appeared on the American market at the very beginning of the two

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Explosive Course 2.0 – gaining muscle mass safely
gaining muscle mass with steroids

Turinabol and testosterone propionate steroids course allows you to safely gain high quality muscle mass. Effects of Turinabol and Testosterone Propionate Both used anabolic steroids belong to the group of safe AAS. However, a course of steroids turinabol and testosterone propionate can bring excellent results. Note the main effects of this cycle: The amount of

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