Raise your testosterone level

Every man wants to be courageous. But, unfortunately, if you do not take any action, then with age, the level of testosterone is impressively reduced. How to deal with this, how to raise your own testosterone?

What is testosterone?

This is the main male hormone that skillfully controls the work of all body systems. However, it affects not only the way of thinking, but also the ability to work. This list should be boldly added with energy, as well as style and demeanor. You can talk endlessly about how important this hormone is for men’s health.

This is the hormone of kings – this is the second name that exists in the world. As it turned out, this is no accident. The thing is that men with an abundance of this component occupy high positions and become leaders, take the initiative in their hands.

So, testosterone is the main male hormone that is able to give manliness to a male representative – externally and in behavior. It is thanks to this hormone in men possible developed muscles. In addition, it should be added and confidence in their actions. The list will be incomplete if we do not add to it the sharpness and speed of thinking in various situations, even if they are non-standard and unexpected.

There are many studies that prove that after 30 years in men, testosterone levels gradually decrease. As a result of such dynamics, very unpleasant consequences are possible.

Ways to increase testosterone.

  1. Should lose weight. After all, those representatives of the stronger sex, who suffer from excess weight, have a lower testosterone level. As a result of losing weight, the level of this hormone increases. And if all this is combined with a good mood and excellent state of the body, then you will see the strongest and simply stunning positive effect.
  2. Intermittent fasting in conjunction with intense workouts. Thus it is possible to cause an increase in testosterone levels in men. By the way, men who focus on aerobic and long-term workouts, quite measured, do not give indicators of an increase in testosterone levels.
  3. It is necessary to comply with the rate of zinc – thus it is possible to significantly increase the level of testosterone. Already after 6 weeks, an increase in this hormone will be observed if a sufficient amount of zinc is included in the diet.
  4. Strength training is an excellent way to stimulate the production of such an important hormone for men as testosterone. It is necessary to perform strength training with the necessary intensity. And then the level of an important hormone will definitely increase.
  5. An important vitamin – D. Taking supplements with a sufficient content of this vitamin, the level of testosterone in men suffering from overweight increases.

Factors affecting testosterone production

  1. If you refuse meat, it will lead to disastrous results. Thanks to a vegetarian diet, the production of this hormone is slowed down. The thing is that cholesterol is decreasing, and without it, testosterone cannot be produced. Despite the fact that a man, of course, will not become a eunuch, sexual desire will be reduced quite impressively.
  2. Female hormones are another important factor. Because of a certain lifestyle, men have many female hormones. This is also influenced by the excessive consumption of meat grown on hormonal supplements. In addition, beer is also a true friend and helper of the production of such hormones, because there are a lot of phytoestrogens in it. As a result, men lose their power. By the way, with the help of beer, the representatives of the stronger sex can quickly turn into a woman – for this, no operations are required.
  3. Climate is an important factor influencing testosterone production in men. Representatives of the northern latitudes do not envy. According to experts, the production of testosterone is stimulated by the rays of the sun. And in Russia there are not too many of them. This may explain the surge in sexual activity in the resorts, where there is a hot, sultry sun.
  4. Alcohol. This is a testicular poison. And after all about 95% of testosterone – Leydig cells are produced in them. According to proven facts, the production of male hormones decreases markedly when drinking too much alcohol.
  5. Stress. Because of the difficulties and moral upheavals the body is depressed. As a result, testosterone production decreases, its life span is shortened.
  6. Overheating. With prolonged heating of the testicles, a man for some time may become generally sterile. This is one of the means of contraception, but at the same time it interferes roughly and negatively with the normal work of the human body.
  7. Cramp. As proved by scientists from Italy, the representatives of the male sex, who like to wear tight elastic underwear, can eventually become generally fruitless. If you are a connoisseur of family cowards, then by right you can be a real macho. You can not squeeze too much and manhood.
  8. Viruses. Such representatives as hepatitis and urethritis can reduce the level of testosterone production.

The most effective drugs to increase testosterone

  1. Injectable drugs
  2. Oral (Tables)
  3. Transdermal medication. These are testosterone gel, testosterone patches, as well as testosterone cream and dihydrotestosterone gel.

Depending on the purpose for which the drug is prescribed, the methods of its administration are different.

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