Basic bodybuilding exercises

Basic training is a training that focuses on the development of large muscle groups. As a rule, during basic training all or almost all the muscles of the body are worked out: arms, legs, back, chest, press. Basic training is mainly built around exercises with a barbell and on a crossbar, to a much lesser extent – weights and dumbbells, and almost no exercise equipment is used.

The basic exercises include squats with a barbell on the back and shoulders (front squats), bench press on a horizontal and inclined board, soldiers bench press, push-ups on the bars, jerk, push, deadlift (classic, sumo, Romanian), pull-ups, bench press dumbbells from the shoulders and work with weights.

The basis of the training program consists of the Big Three exercises: bench press, deadlift and squatting.

Basic training consists of a complex of 5-8 exercises. Small muscle groups (forearm, lower leg, hand, trapezium, biceps) do not train separately. Basic training is the opposite of the split-system, when one or two muscle groups are worked out in one lesson. She is practiced in powerlifting, in the initial stages of bodybuilding, as well as some bodybuilders on a regular basis (Brooks Kubrick).

The benefits of basic training:

  • stimulates testosterone production;
  • gives a good result in the development of strength and strength endurance;
  • it takes very little time to load the muscles of the whole body;
  • all muscles are more or less proportional, there is no distortion in development.

Disadvantages of basic training:

  • at the exit massive, but not cut muscles turn out;
  • training is exhausting;
  • causes a strong psychological addiction (it will be difficult to switch to a split system);
  • the trained muscle is often not fully loaded, which slows down or makes further progress impossible.

According to the basic program it is not recommended to practice more than 4 hours a week. In powerlifting is 3-4 workouts lasting 40-70 minutes, in bodybuilding – the same.

Performing basic exercises is mandatory, since it is when performing them you can work with large weights, and this in turn gives impetus to the growth of muscle mass.


  • Dumbbell bench press on horizontal and inclined bench
  • Bench press on horizontal and inclined bench
  • Pushups in different variations


  • Deadlift
  • Pull ups
  • Thrust dumbbell in the slope
  • Thrust rod in the slope


  • Bench press standing
  • Dumbbell bench press sitting
  • Dumbbell standing


  • Squats with barbell in different variations
  • Deadlift
  • Romanian barbell / dumbbell traction


  • Push-ups on the bars
  • Barbell bench press with narrow grip
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps
  • Lifting barbell for biceps

Basic exercises are the leaders of the most effective methods for increasing strength and muscle growth. To develop harmonious muscles in the workout program, all basic exercises must be properly balanced.