Special training for the legs

To swing legs, this means exclusively, to work on the legs in the process of training, neither the back, nor the chest, only the legs. This is due to the fact that what we are doing with our legs, for example, on our backs, does not go through with our legs. So we add a lot of back to the back at the expense of a little repetitive training, then this method does not suit the legs at all, it needs multi-repetitive work.

Challenge number one is great aerobic form

So as not to blush and puff in the middle of the set, so that your heart does not jump out of your chest, and you can complete both the squat and the complex on your feet to the end, you must be in good aerobic form. You will make your body without aerobics, never with your legs. So, train your heart initially to get to the leg training. And remember, legs and heart work together, with weak-hearted legs do not pump.

Squats are the best there is, but not for everyone

Indeed, squats are rightly considered the exercise that works best for the legs, because all the muscles of the legs are involved. But this exercise is good only with real weight. So beginners better not to take big weights. First make your back and train your calves to take a good weight and do the work on the development of muscles. In the meantime, leg presses and hack-squats are waiting for you. But no indulgence yourself, accustom yourself to the hard work on the legs, at the limit of strength and will.

Swing the will! Shake your legs

Legs sometimes need to finish off. So we organize a shake-up for your legs after the fifth or fourth leg workout.

The recipe is as follows: in the leg press simulator, add weights, pancakes 6 to 25 pounds and make only clean, technical repetitions 40. Then add weight and perform 30 repetitions. And add the pancake again – and go out for 20 repetitions. And weight – and in the final 10 repetitions! Yes, it will be difficult to leave the hall, but it is worth it.

Do not limit yourself in time

Do not train your legs in a short time; take more than an hour for your legs. Do not forget about the cardio block, so that in total you will go out for half an hour of training. And attention! Once a week is not enough for the legs. Give your feet every fourth or fifth day in your schedule.

Let’s go! Complex:

1) Squat with a barbell:

Perform 8-10 repetitions in 6 or 7 sets. And do not forget about 2 warm-up sets.

In order to take the bar, sit under the bar of the bar and straighten the body already with the bar. Step back, the bar should be on your trapeze (do not lay it on the base of the neck!). Starting position, standing, feet shoulder-width apart.

From here we do a slow squat, the lower the better if you have not had any injuries. Just do not linger in this position, but also rise slowly.

The secret is that the squat below the parallel will give the desired load to the biceps of your thigh and buttocks. Dare!

2) Hack squats:

Perform 10 repetitions in 4 sets.

At the start, we stand under the stops and press our back closer to the back of the simulator. Legs are shoulder-width closer to the edge of the platform, socks are separated.

When you exercise, squeeze yourself up, straightening his legs. Then, we go down to the squat to the parallel, only slowly.

If you can, do a deep squat, but in no case do not tear your back and pelvis from the simulator. If you can’t work deeper without losing your equipment, this is a bell saying that you have an inelastic hip biceps. Work in this direction, develop elasticity.

3) Leg extension:

Perform 12-15 repetitions in 4 sets.

We sit in the simulator, adjust the position: just below your knees should be the edge of the seat in the simulator. Hold the handle and straighten the legs on the force, also slowly. It is desirable in the upper position to further tighten the quadriceps for greater effect, then return to the starting position.

By the way, this exercise will not give mass to the quadriceps, so a lot of weight is not needed here. But, nevertheless, the exercises should be clear, be performed slowly, and in the top position make sure to stop. If you do everything right, lactic acid will stand out so much, it will burn so that it does not seem like a little.

4) Dumbbell Lunges:

Perform 10-15 repetitions in 4 sets.

Lumbar attacks can rightly be called one of the most effective basic exercises for developing the muscles of the hips and buttocks. In comparison with squats, lunges allow you to concentrate the load on one leg and work the muscles more carefully. The use of dumbbells as a burden allows you to better maintain balance and makes the load on the spine lower than in the case of attacks with a barbell.

Good luck, patience and will to win!