The secrets of the relief and inflated press

Relief and pumped up press is a mandatory feature of all performing athletes. In the amateur bodybuilding there are very few owners of beautiful press with cubes, but the majority strive for this. Many athletes simply do not know how to effectively train the press and what is needed to get the cubes. In this article we will talk about the most effective exercises for the press and tell the main secrets of the relief press.

The press is a single solid muscle, which is called the rectus abdominis muscle. Also refer to the press oblique abdominal muscles. In modern bodybuilding, it is customary to conditionally divide the press into 3 parts – upper, lower and side. Professional athletes in most cases do not swing the side press at all, as this leads to the expansion of the waist.

5 exercises for training the press in bodybuilding

  1. Lifting on a Roman chair is perhaps the most popular exercise for working on the rectus abdominis muscle. The implementation of this movement does not require the athlete special knowledge of technology, so you can perform the ascents on the Roman chair and beginners. With an increase in fitness, it is not possible to load the press only with this exercise.
  2. Lifting the legs in the legs – the most effective and most difficult exercise for the press. This movement is more suitable for experienced athletes with experience, because it is difficult to perform and you need to know the right technique. To beginner athletes, we recommend to begin to perform lifting legs on the bars, and more trained athletes – on the bar.
  3. Twisting on the floor – with the correct technique of execution, they are able to bring the abdominal muscles to the refusal state in a couple of dozen repetitions. Great exercise for training at home.
  4. Reverse twisting is one of the best exercises for beginner athletes. During the run, the lower sections of the press are loaded more. Great exercise for getting rid of subcutaneous fat in the lower abdomen.
  5. Lateral twisting is a great exercise to finish off your abdominal muscles at the end of your workout. During the execution of all parts of the press are loaded, including the obliques. This exercise is very similar to a bike, the only difference is that during the execution it is necessary to touch the knees with your elbows.

The main secret of the relief press

Relief press is not possible with a large amount of subcutaneous fat. Even with daily training your cubes will not be visible if you have a lot of excess weight. The press will be, but it will be hidden behind a thick wall of fat.

Therefore, if you want to see cubes on your stomach, then you do not have to twist or lift your legs every day, this will not help. What you need to do is go on a diet, add cardio load and throw off excess fat. Only after getting rid of excess fat accumulation you will have a chance to achieve a relief press.

Press workout

We offer to train the press as follows:

  • Ascents on a Roman chair (2 sets of 20 repetitions) – practice shows that few athletes can work out the abdominal muscles with this exercise, so we perform it only for warm-ups;
  • Lifting the legs in the neck (4 sets of 15 repetitions) – we recommend beginners to do it on the uneven-backed bars, and to more experienced athletes on the horizontal bar;
  • Twisting on the floor Twisting on the floor (2 sets of 10 repetitions);
  • Reverse curls on the floor (2 sets of 10 repetitions);
  • Lateral twisting (1 approach for 30 repetitions) – the final approach for maximum exhaustion of the abdominal muscles.

If after performing all these exercises you still have strength, then you can safely add one more approach to each exercise. The training described by us can be performed only if there is an additional arsenal (parallel bars, horizontal bar).

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