Beach Jock or a bodybuilder – How to train and eat for different purposes

Not everyone trains with the same goal. Serious bodybuilders work with heavy weights to build impressive muscles and build a balanced physique. If you want to be just a slim, pumped up guy with bumpy muscles, you need to eat differently and do less strength exercises.

Every guy in the workout has a certain vision in his mind about how he would like to look like in the end Some dream of a well-coordinated athletic figure with a relief press and expressive muscles to conquer the hearts of the girls on the beach.

Others seek to build up a pile of muscles and become as massive and swayed as possible. So huge that every passerby, seeing them, mentally exclaimed: “My God, yes this is a real monster!”

Whatever your ultimate goal, remember that this is your body, and what its shape and muscle size will be depends only on you. First, decide which side of the spectrum is closer to you – the relief “beach-walker” or the massive “Bodybuilder”?

The next step is to create a suitable training program and nutrition plan, taking into account the desired goal. Below are detailed recommendations on how to properly train and eat in order to form either a pumped up, embossed body, or powerful, impressive muscles.


Beach Jock

To achieve a toned “beach” physique, focus on the same body parts as the fitness models and bodybuilding contestants: shoulders, upper back, chest, arms, and abs. Of course, the legs also need to be trained, but in your case it is not necessary to swing steel hips.

Two parts of the body that require special attention are the abdominals and calves. “Cubes” of the press in men are always the center of attention, so be sure to perform full-fledged press exercises at least three times a week. The calf muscles need to be trained at least twice a week, performing a total of 8-10 sets of exercises per session.


The main feature of a bodybuilder is not just a much more impressive muscle size. He should be a balanced, harmonious-looking physique. To achieve this, it is necessary to train all muscle groups intensively so that they increase proportionally.

This means that you can pay less attention to parts of the body that grow faster and more actively, and at the same time focus on more “stubborn” muscle groups that need to be trained more often and more intensively. Develop your back, chest, shoulders, arms, thigh muscles, and calf muscles evenly and to the maximum potential.


Beach Jock

Since you are not aimed at maximum buildup and mass set, you do not need to train with heavy weights. Perform a moderate number of repetitions of classic strength exercises: do approaches of 12-15 repetitions of exercises on the upper body and 12-20 repetitions of exercises on the lower body.


Stimulation of the highest possible hypertrophy requires a combination of different repetition ranges. At the initial stages of strength training, when you only build the foundation of your impressive physique, perform a smaller number of repetitions with large weights to increase not only the size of the muscles, but also their strength. It is recommended to do 6-10 repetitions of exercises on the upper body and 8-12 repetitions of exercises on the lower body.

After a sufficient set of muscle mass, begin to vary the ranges of repetitions. You will still perform approaches with a large weight of weights and a standard number of repetitions, but now they will need to be supplemented with intensive approaches with lower weights and a large number of repetitions.

For example, when training your back, you will need to perform part of sets of 6-10 repetitions, part of 12-15 repetitions. Experienced athletes for maximum stimulation of muscle growth perform supersets (consistently performing two (or more) different exercises without resting between them) or dropsets (sets with weight loss) for 20-30 repetitions.


Beach Jock

Composite exercises are excellent regardless of your goal, as they allow you to simultaneously work with several muscle groups. The fact that you are not striving to become a 120-pound dry roll does not mean that you need to avoid complex strength exercises – squats, deadlifts, bench press, belt pulling / in the slope and army bench sitting. Be sure to include these exercises in the training program, but also perform isolated exercises aimed specifically at those muscle groups that you are seeking to build.

For a wider delta, dilute your arms with dumbbells, in a crossover, or in a butterfly simulator. For a wider upper back, you need to do pull-ups on the crossbar and pull the upper block to the chest. For turned cubes of the press, it is necessary to perform crunches (“twisting”) and lifting legs.

To strengthen the calves of the legs you need to carry out liftings on the toes while standing and sitting. A bench press on an incline will help pump up the upper chest to form a classic V-shape.


For the full development of all muscle groups, bodybuilders need to perform both compound and isolated exercises. To strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, you need to perform such composite exercises as a bench press with a barbell or dumbbells.

It is necessary to supplement them with breeding hands with dumbbells or in a crossover and breeding dumbbells while sitting in the slope – isolated exercises aimed at developing the side and rear deltoid heads.

The back muscles swing during the execution of the deadlift, rowing and thrust of the upper block at different angles. The chest should be trained to perform flat and inclined bench press, as well as breeding dumbbells lying.

Legs require a higher amount of exercise for proportional growth, so you need to perform a large number of squats with a barbell, vertical and horizontal leg press, barbell press behind your back, lunges and Romanian cravings (not all exercises at once, of course!).

Biceps grow from different types of lifts, and triceps need both isolated exercises (traction from behind the head lying down or cable traction on the simulator) and compound exercises (bench press with a narrow grip, push-ups from the bars or from the bench).


Beach Jock

3-4 full meals + 1-2 servings of protein shake daily. Eating is necessary every 3-4 hours.


If you want to build extraordinary muscle mass, you need to eat more often than the average person. Your daily minimum – 4 full meals + protein shake, the best option – 5-6 full meals per day. This means that you have to eat every 2-3 hours.

Increased frequency and volume of food intake is one of the most difficult aspects for most beginning bodybuilders. It is very difficult to cook – and eat – such a huge amount of food every day. But this is exactly what all the leading world-class bodybuilders are doing.


Beach Jock

You want to build muscle, but at the same time remain slim? So you need to include in the diet all the same nutritional proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, just eat them in moderation. The optimal proportion of macronutrients: 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates.


The optimal ratio of macronutrients for the diet of serious bodybuilders: 45% protein, 45% carbohydrates and 10% fat. To maximize muscle growth you will need a lot of protein and carbohydrates, as well as a certain amount of healthy fats to maintain various functions of the body. In the mass gain phase of the hardgainers, it is recommended to switch to a different proportion: 35% of proteins, 55% of carbohydrates and 10% of fats.


Beach Jock

Portion sizes will always vary depending on your actual muscle size, metabolic rate and level of physical activity. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the guys who dream of a macho physique with a glossy cover, in any case should not lean on the extra calories.

A typical food intake for an 80-pound man who wants to build up some muscle while remaining slim is about 220 grams of chicken breast and 175 grams of cooked rice. The first couple of weeks of the diet is recommended to keep a food diary to understand how much and what kind of food you need. Find your balance between overeating / increasing fat stores and malnutrition / muscle loss.


It is logical that the portion sizes for a beginner bodybuilder weighing 80 kg and for a 150-pound professional bodybuilder will be very different. However, in general, the concept of determining the portion for muscle growth remains unchanged. In general, you need to get an increased amount of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and calories to maintain intense workouts, muscle growth and full recovery. On average, for one meal, you will need to eat 340 g of chicken or steak, as well as 350 g of cooked rice or one large sweet potato.

A typical breakfast of many professional bodybuilders is 2-3 whole eggs, 6-8 egg whites, 200 g of oatmeal with berries and two slices of wheat toast. The sizes of the portions will obviously differ in the phases of drying and mass set. As a rule, during drying, quantitative protein intake remains unchanged, and carbohydrate intake is reduced.


For the successful achievement of the goal, it is possible – and necessary – to use the same additives for both the “beach foot” and the “pitching”. In the mandatory list:

• Proteins (whey protein isolate (whey protein) and a mixture of whey protein and casein)

• Multivitamins / Mineral Complexes

• Creatine Monohydrate

• Pretraining complexes

• L-glutamine


These supplements are a basic stack for any man who seeks to improve his physique. As time goes by, as you see certain results, gain experience and experience the advice of other athletes in practice, you will be able to supplement this list with other supplements that will effectively help you achieve your desired goals.