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The name MyoGen originated from the word Myogenesis. As defined by Wikipedia, “Myogenesis” is the formation of muscular tissue, particularly during embryonic development. The MyoGen brand name comes from the Greek myo « muscle » and genesis « birth » and refers to the legacy of the Olympic Games of the Ancient Greeks. This implied history reference of muscle origins (#muscleorigins) is a starting point leading to the evolution to fitness and bodybuilding in our contemporary era.

Gallene Sciences Private Limited officially owns the registered trademark, MyoGen.
Gallene Sciences is a trusted name and always ensures that all products adhere to international quality standards and are backed by extensive research and development.

MyoGen is managed by a team of international experts with years of experience in anabolic market. They have extensive knowledge in the industry and have already successfully managed other world class brands. Our directors have a clear vision and detailed roadmap for MyoGen and are confident of MyoGen emerging as a market leader.

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