The use of peptide “Melanotan 2” for tanning

Almost every girl wants to have a beautiful tan, although many men want the same. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can be dangerous for the body.

Ultraviolet accelerates the aging process of the skin and can cause the appearance of inflammatory processes on the skin. In addition, some people due to genetic factors simply can not tolerate the solar ultraviolet.

The darker the skin, the better the body perceives solar radiation. Note. That no matter how hard you try, getting an even tan of the required shade just by being in the sun is extremely difficult. However, today you have a tool that will help solve this problem – peptid for tanning.

Tanning Peptides: “Melanotan 2” Injection

If you want to get the maximum possible effect when using peptide for tanning and are not afraid of shots, then choose an injection form of the drug. To inject peptide, you will need to use a regular insulin syringe. Those people who want to have a tan throughout the 12 months, you must use the drug constantly on a cyclical basis.

How to apply injectable melanotan for tanning?

Injectable melanotan is very easy to use and your main task is to find the right dosages. As in the case of a spray, the dose of the drug depends on the body weight of the person. Also, you should take into account several other factors: the ability to perceive ultraviolet skin, the genetic ability of the body to perceive the sunburn, and the type of skin.

To prepare the solution, besides melanotan, you will need water for injections (you can buy at any pharmacy), an insulin syringe. An ordinary syringe will also be needed. After that, you need to open a vial of water for injection and draw two dice in a normal syringe.

Then remove the cap from the vial containing the peptide for tanning. Under this lid, it is most often made of plastic, another one is located – rubber. You need to pass through it into the vial water for injection, which is in a conventional syringe. Wait until the powder is completely dissolved and the drug is ready for use.

Take the required amount of the drug in an insulin syringe and can make an injection. And now you need to talk about dosages, as this is a very important issue. Remember that one unit per syringe (insulin) corresponds to 50 micrograms of peptide.

The following dosages are recommended for women:

  • Body weight less than 50 pounds – from 5 to 6 units.
  • Weight from 50 to 65 kilos – from 7 to 8 units.
  • Weight over 80 pounds – 10 units.


Melanotan dosage for men:

  • Body weight up to 60 kilos – 8-10 units.
  • Body weight from 60 to 80 pounds – 12-15 units.
  • Body weight from 80 to 100 kilos – 15–20 units.
  • Body weight more than 100 kilos – 20 units.

You should also say that for women the maximum dose is 10 units and if you are not satisfied with the result using smaller doses, but the body is well tolerated by melanotane, you can use 10 units of peptide.

During the first 10 or 12 days, you should take the drug daily. Also at this time you should visit the solarium at least five times. After that, you can do one injection every third or even fourth day, and it is not necessary to visit a tanning bed. As a result, you can maintain your skin tone over any period of time.

You can enter the drug for a maximum of 90 days, after which the body will need rest for one month. You can not make a pause between courses melanotana less than 30 days. Injections can be made subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Most often, people inject the drug into the fatty fold of the abdomen. This method is the least painful. It is very important to constantly change the injection site.

In conclusion, we recall that the tanning peptide must be used strictly according to the instructions, which will allow you to avoid negative body reactions to the drug. If they nevertheless manifest themselves, then divide each one-time dose into two doses. This recommendation applies to any form of drug.

Melanotan II injections keep building a powerful momentum on the market today as tanorexics support its evolution in higher numbers.

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