Fat Burning Program for Men

Want to know how, thanks to the “circular training, you can make the lean body of your dreams? Almost 90% of celebrities use this training technique. Start and you prepare for the beach season – right.

The question of choosing a training program for burning fat for men is very important, because it is the optimally selected complex that will help you achieve the desired goal much faster. Much depends on the right choice, but not all. It is also necessary to carefully monitor the diet.

There is a hypothesis of energy balance, according to which if the amount of calories consumed is less than burned, then there is no difference where they enter the body from carbohydrates or fat.

Fat Burning Circuit Training Program

Circuit training is the best way to combine endurance and strength training exercises. Circuit training is performed by men in the gym. The main goal – between exercises do not take breaks. All strength exercises, not counting ab exercises, are performed for one minute, with the exception of cardio exercises (cycling or running) that are performed for three minutes.

Fat Burning Circuit Plan:

  1. Exercise pushups or bench press.
  2. Squatting with a barbell.
  3. The upper block or pull-ups.
  4. Jogging or exercise on a stationary bike for three minutes.
  5. Bench press in the starting position while standing.
  6. Lunge forward with a load (barbell or dumbbell), performed for one minute for each leg.
  7. In the Starting position standing exercise for biceps lifting the barbell.
  8. Exercise on an exercise bike or jogging for three minutes is performed again.
  9. The load on the triceps when performing tasks on the block, extension of the arms.
  10. Exercise on the simulator leg extension.
  11. In the initial lying position, leg flexion is performed.
  12. Perform the exercise “prayer” for two minutes.
  13. In the initial lying position, twisting is performed, and two minutes are also performed.

The total time to complete the circuit workout is about twenty minutes. Fat burning is catalyzed by the absence of interruptions during exercise. If you think that a twenty-minute workout is not enough for you, then you can take a short break for 2–5 minutes and repeat the set again in this case, the total time will be 42–45 minutes.

Successful exercise change helps throughout the workout to rest between sets. A change of cardio strength exercises, jogging on a treadmill or exercise bike, will help to relax the cardiovascular system and keep the exercising pulse normal. These features of circuit training help to use more energy in less time and therefore burn fat faster.
The best option would be to conduct a training 2–4 times a week, however, if you have the time and desire, then you can train every day, this will speed up the achievement of the desired result.

The program of cardio for fat burning men

With the help of cardio training, the process of metabolism is accelerated as a result of the increased load on the cardiovascular system and active ventilation of the lungs.

The essence of cardio training is the alternation of the most active exercises, a little rest and again an active load. The main exercises in this form of training are considered, sprint (running), training with intervals performed in the gym, step aerobics and similar types of exercises.

The optimal exercise regimen for burning fat for men is training 3-4 times a week for 30–45 minutes, and short daily cardio training is also carried out to maintain your body in the desired form.

Cardio can be divided into:

1. Cardio load with a long duration and low intensity. LISS — Low Intensity Steady State Cardio.

The rate of the entire class in this case is the same for at least an hour (60 minutes or more). Calories are burned and their main source is fat cells. The intensity of such training is very important, mainly it is an exercise on a stepper or walking on a treadmill for a long time. Low-intensity exercises induce the body to produce energy through the oxidation of fat. With increasing intensity, the body begins to draw energy from muscle tissue.

Due to the fact that the body is in a catabolic state when performing cardio exercises, the muscle tissue is converted into energy. The best option would be to change the low pace to medium-intensity, with an insignificant reduction in the duration of the workout. Regular cardiovascular exercise with medium intensity contributes to the greatest oxidation of fats.

2. Cardiovascular load with short duration and high intensity. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training.

When exercising with high intensity, fat burning occurs in a shorter period of time, due to the process of lipolysis, which occurs if energy expenditure exceeds the intake of calories.

When using HIIT workouts during the post-training period, fat consumption is significantly higher than with LISS training. Also increases metabolism, which contributes to the rapid burning of fat during exercise and after it.
High-intensity workouts help build muscle mass, as well as optimize testosterone levels.

However, there is a nuance in the use of high-intensity workouts, this is a limited number of classes, the best option is 2-4 times a week. If such training is carried out too often, you can cause the reverse process, the amino acid intake of the body will increase, and the testosterone level will decrease.

Skillful alternation of high-intensity and medium-intensity cardio exercises will be most suitable, so you will achieve the desired effect faster. Such a combination of cardio exercises is optimal.