PT-141 10mg – Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Bremelanotide 10mg

A drug is designed to eliminate problems with erection in men and increase libido in women.

Bremelanotid pt 141 not only acts as an aphrodisiac, but also contributes to enhanced blood flow and vasodilation.

In men, after applying the peptide for potency, blood begins to flow strongly to the genitals. In women, about the same effect occurs.

Main effects, application and dosage of PT-141

A single dose of the substance bremelanotid to increase libido should be from 0.5 mg to 2 mg, in some cases up to 4 mg. Injections with bremelanotid are placed subcutaneously with an insulin syringe.

According to reviews, the effect begins to develop after the introduction after about two hours and last for about ten hours. The peak effect develops approximately four hours after the substance is injected. Side effects are absent, rarely can increase blood pressure.