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Single-chain conadal protein 1mg

The peptide follistatin 344 with respect to other peptide drugs is a novelty on the modern sports pharmacological market. Despite its relative novelty, he had already gathered a lot of hype around him.

The fact is that the drug was developed as a hormone blocker myostatin. Myostatin is the enemy of bodybuilding. This is the component of the human hormone system, which limits the unhindered development of large muscles.

If myostatin did not exist in the human body, bodybuilders might not have had to use drugs based on testosterone esters in order to achieve an impressive set of muscle mass. Follistatin 344 was artificially synthesized with follicular fluid. This means that when the peptide is consumed, suppression of the hormone follitropin may occur.

Effects of using peptide Follistatin 344:

  • peptide drug gives an impressive increase in lean muscle mass;
  • power indicators in working and maximum weights are rapidly increasing;
  • follistatin triggers fat burning in brown fat deposits;
  • increases appetite or in some cases (as a side effect) suppresses it;
  • increases physical endurance, in some cases (as a side effect) lowers it.

Follistatin 344 – side effects and contraindications

As reported above in the article, due to the specific hormonal nature of the drug significantly inhibits the secretion of its own follicle-stimulating hormone. This remedy is undesirable for women because of the risk of increasing the concentration of its own FSH (follitropin), which can trigger the onset of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Due to the relatively recent appearance of the peptide drug on the market, cleaning it from many suppliers leaves much to be desired. Due to its specificity, FST-344 has unpleasant side effects: a sharp increase in temperature, chills, signs of flu, lack of appetite, skin hyperemia at the injection site.

If you come across a pure drug, then all these negative effects with probability can be excluded. You can buy follistatin 344 with a high degree of purification through our online resource. The quality of the goods is guaranteed!

Follistatin-344 – how to take?

Many Internet experts say that to obtain the desired effect of the peptide, it is enough to prick it for ten days or a maximum of twenty days at 100 µg per day.

This is a very controversial information, as some athletes claim that if the means is used according to the correct scheme with correctly calculated dosages, then as a result, in the same ten days you can get an increase in high-quality lean muscle mass of 2-4 kilograms! Detailed instructions for use provided by us to buy a bottle of follistatina (on request).

It is preferable to take follistatin not only for bodybuilding, but also for other strength and cyclic sports.