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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Exemestane
Package: 100 tabs (25 mg/tab)


Buy Aromasin 25mg/tab 100 tabs

Aromasin by Dragon Pharma Bulk is sold by the name Exemestane. It is used by bodybuilders to combat the estrogenic side effects of taking drugs. It works by inhibiting the Aromatase Enzymes to ensure that the testosterone and other steroids (which a bodybuilder is taking) are not converted into estrogen that causes side effects.

Benefits of Aromasin

The compound which inhibits Aromatase Enzymes is known as an Aromatase inhibitor also known as AI. Aromasin is widely used by bodybuilders during the steroid cycle. It is a suicidal AI which makes it better than others out there. It binds itself with the aromatase enzymes to permanently disable them by destroying them.

Furthermore, if you take 25 mg of Aromasin in a day, it will increase your testosterone level by 60 percent in just 10 days. This is an added benefit of this compound. Other than increasing the testosterone level, it also increases the IGF-1 levels. It does not cause any estrogen rebound. It does not cause water retention or common side effects among males such as enlargement of breasts.


Aromasin tablets by Dragon Pharma Bulk are in round shade and they are slightly off-white to gray in color. Each tablet contains 25 mg of Exemestane.

Experts recommend taking 25 mg of Aromasin in a day. Some cycles call for 12.5 mg per day but this totally depends on your goal.

Make sure you don’t administer more than 25 mg per day otherwise you might experience side effects such as anxiety, pain in joints, insomnia, etc.