Darrem Charles – 10 Tips for Triceps Development

“From me you can learn more about the growth of triceps than from other monsters with larger muscles. Since my triceps always grew with great difficulty, I spent a lot of time figuring out which tools are effective and which are not. It took me years of experimentation and training to reach my current level. I am ready to share with you that I have carefully selected all these years. These 10 tips for training triceps will help you pump the back of your hands in the shortest possible time.”


Elbow joints and triceps are most often injured, so you should warm them up carefully. I do at least 2 sets of warm-up exercises, before starting the basic exercises. I always first make traction from the bottom, usually with a rope or with an EZ-bar (bent). The easiest way to fix your elbows in place is to warm up without the risk of injury, and then move to easier lifts, such as stretching, which are potentially more dangerous for elbows, tendons, and triceps.


At first glance, the triceps is a fairly simple group of muscles, if you pay attention only to their main function – to stretch the arm. In fact, this is quite a complex group of muscles, as it has 3 separate attachments, and each exercise has a different effect on this muscle. For example, when down with a barbell, I feel how the outer parts of the triceps tighten, I pull down with the rope more on the inner side of the muscle. Here is another example.

I sometimes do stretching on the floor with two dumbbells, and not with a curved barbell, and I feel how the lower part of my triceps tightens closer to the elbows. Do a variety of stretching in different ways to work out different parts of the triceps.


There is no reason to relax by doing tricep lifting exercises. This will only increase the risk of injury. The key to every triceps exercise is to always keep your elbows in a locked position. Your elbows are arranged according to the hinge principle and can only bend in one direction in a straight line. Fix your shoulders, elbows and wrists and work only with your forearm.


Many make the mistake of alternating down with stretch marks without fixing the position. Fixing a position is the most important part when lifting triceps, because triceps only shrink as much as possible when the arms are fully stretched. Fix the position with each repetition of movement for a couple of seconds and squeeze the muscles. Lower your hand slowly. Do not consider doing the exercise on repetitions (1 repetition, second, etc.), but on delays (1 delay, second, etc.) Then you really focus on your triceps.


I firmly believe in the effectiveness of the pyramidal sets. This means that I increase the load and reduce the number of repetitions each subsequent set. This helps me to warm up my triceps and prepare them for sets with a greater load. I do not use very large loads when training triceps, but with each exercise I try to use the pyramid technique. For example, on the days when I do moderate workouts, I do 15 repetitions of a pull down with a rope. Then gradually increase the load in the second set with 12 repetitions. Finally, I once again increase the load on the final set of 10 repetitions. Reception of the pyramid is the safest and most effective way to increase your size and gain strength.


I suggest alternating 2 different workouts for weeks – regular training and more difficult training. The difference is not in the number of repetitions, but in the types of exercises. This alternation naturally brings variety to my workouts. However, I often switch to completely different exercises at all, which helps my muscles to always stay tense and grow. It is useless to expect a sharp growth of your muscles when you repeat the same exercises day after day.


Repeat each set until you lose strength. I use a large enough load so that by the time of my last repetitions my muscles were on the verge of exhaustion. This last repetition is the whole point. The first repetitions only prepare your muscles to achieve their maximum tension. That is why it should not be too early to slow down. To grow your muscles, you need to work on them until you lose strength.


At the beginning of my bodybuilder career, I trained the triceps too much. Remember also that triceps work during pumping up the muscles of the chest and shoulders. Now I am more careful about training the muscles of the shoulders and chest, so as not to overstretch the triceps during these workouts. In order to protect myself from overtraining, I work on triceps only once a week, and I adjust these workouts so that there is a break of several days between them and the chest and shoulder muscles workouts.

I also support the point of view on limiting the number of sets, especially because I repeat each set until exhaustion. Even after many years of training and even, despite the fact that I have been giving my triceps a few days to recover, I generally perform no more than 9 sets. I advise you to train your triceps intensively for 9 sets, and then give them a lot of time to recover and grow.


I find it useful to devote a lot of time to posing exercises before participating in a show, not so much so that my presentation would look spectacular, as to gain confidence and strength for success in the preliminary selection. When posing, the entire relief of the triceps is clearly visible, and the connection between the brain and muscles is enhanced. For these reasons, even if you do not plan to go to the podium, you should spend 15-20 seconds posing for the duration of the training.


Keep a training diary and write down everything about your work. I do it. Thus, I know exactly what I did before, what exercises I did, what load I used and how many repetitions I did. It constantly spurs me to achieve great results and to become stronger, and also helps me to figure out which exercises are effective and which are not. Such records should be kept in relation to training on all parts of the body and on the triceps inclusive.

These records are considered the most effective means that can only come up with. If you can follow what you were before and know exactly what specific results you have achieved, you will be able to achieve what you plan and in the shortest possible time.