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Buy Parabolan – Dragon Pharma

Parabolan 100 is extremely powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid. Both the anabolic and androgenic activities of this product are higher. It is ideal choice for those individuals who are looking to increase their muscle mass as well as strength. It has almost similar anabolic effects with the other bulking agents like Dianabol or testosterone. the only difference between drug and other steroids is that, Parabolan 100 does not transforms into estrogen.

This is an amazing quality as it prevents severe estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia and water retention in the body. Users can get highly ripped and toned physique without water retention. If you take mild estrogenic steroids, then they will championship bodybuilding promote lower muscle growth.

This is not the case with Parabolan 100. It encourages huge muscle growth and strength without estrogenic side effects. It also promotes the fat reduction process and increases the metabolic process. Due to which the fat is burned and converted into energy at an accelerated rate. If you take proper doses of Parabolan 100 then you don’t have to take any anti-estrogens.

Side Effects

Parabolan 100 is relatively more powerful than the testosterone and the effect of Parabolan 100 is almost three times than the effect of testosterone. Therefore, there are some potent androgenic side effects also. These side effects include aggressive nature, nature, loss of hair and acne. Since the androgenic effect is higher, so it is very risky for females. Females have very high chances of experiencing Virilization effects. So they should avoid it.

Dose Guide

The recommended and normal dose of this steroid is 150-250mg per week. The recommended cycle duration is 8 to 12 weeks. Sometimes users increase the cycle duration to 16 weeks. This can increase the risk of side effects.